Not allowed to hug but can learn all about oral sex

So kids in Intermediate school are not allowed to hug but they can learn all about oral sex and finger a chick in the twat just so long as she is ok with it:

Schools are being accused of going too far in what they teach children about sex.

Children as young as 12 are being taught about oral sex and told it’s acceptable to play with a girl’s private parts as long as “she’s okay with it”.

In other cases, 14-year-old girls are being taught how to put condoms on plastic penises, and one female teacher imitated the noises she made during orgasm to her class of 15-year-olds.

The often-graphic nature of today’s sex education lessons is considered perfectly acceptable, and necessary, by some parents, but many others are shocked and say it has gone too far.

But hey, at least they aren’t allowed to hug.



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  • diabolos

    And now Teachers (who are eminently qualified) can act as Big Brother and have carte blanche to report to CYF as well. Parents should be reverse reporting teachers to CYF – for arrogantly assuming rights that cut across the obligations of parenting.

    Just glad i dont have children of school age. There is a lot to be said now, for a private school education – at least you have a bit more accountability when you pay money for private. All the state system does – is suck money under the guise of Fees off parents with little or no accountability if they (teachers) fail to deliver a quality service and product to parents and children.

    But no – now kids are asked to lie on the floor and ‘imagine the whole world is gay…’

    Its enough to make you puke.

    • sthnjeff

      Am I imagining that or is a leftie actually criticising teachers here, espousing virtues of private schools and championing accountability of schools???

      • diabolos

        Sthn jeff – you are not imagining it – one of the reasons why i try to contribute here – is to dispel the myth that lefties are all of a certain bunch. Plus many of my ideas dont ‘fit’ on leftwing blogs and i get banned – usually after opening my big gob and getting pissed off at things and probably saying very unleftwing things. Some teachers are great – many are just in it for the 12 weeks leave and low work loads (just an opinion – and a little bit jaundiced at that).

        If i had had the money – i would have sent my Kids to Private School. I would never have touched the state system with a 10 foot bargepole. Doesnt anyone notice that Key and English dont send their kids to state schools to show confidence in the system?? What about Tolley – bet her sprogs didnt / dont go to state schools? Israel Dagg prospered once he was spotted as a rugby talent and was poached by a Hawkes Bay private school??

        Yes teachers should be accountable – they are a law to themselves.. If you look at previous boring monologues by me on this blog you will see that i have said this about education and teachers before. Cam has no greater supporter of his views in this area than me. Only thing is – i have no confidence in Tolley’s one dimensional approach – and i dont think an ill defined National Standards is the answer. Blame tomorrows schools and the devolved structure of BOTs and “self governing schools” for what we now live with. Full State control is the only way (i mean – Murray Mccully is leading the way).

        Plus im boring and longwinded – its all part of the strategy to wear you rightie bastards down. I’ll bore you all to death.

  • TheBug

    I’m not that bothered by teaching alternatives to full sex to kids … at the end of the day they’ll discover it for themselves so may as well be told about how to do it all safely.

    But I am really bothered by the phrase “as long as she’s okay with it”. If this is what they are actually saying then that teacher needs to be fired immediately. The phrase should be “as long as she wants you to do it” not, as is implied here, as long as you have worn her down enough that she’ll let you.

  • O_o

  • justme

    A teacher imitating orgasmic noises? That’s really disturbing, abnormal behaviour. If someone did that in public they would certainly attract attention, if not be arrested for a psych evaluation. The sick, twisted bitch should be outed at the very least.

  • thor42

    It sure sounds like the balance is way out of kilter – the kids getting the full nothing-held-back sex-education but not being allowed to hug!

  • My kid’s sex education class was taught “any hole is a goal.”

    I agree with justme – I think these teachers should be outed.

    Whaleoil, if you want to run a competition for kids to video and upload their dodgy sex-ed I’d happily donate $100 toward prize money.

    • diabolos

      Funnily enough – i was driving into Auckland city yesterday – and that statement “any hole is a goal” was plastered on the back of a campervan full of Aussie Rugby supporters on the motorway.

      Seriously Cam – why not put out a call for Kids or their parents to submit examples of what the teachers are saying. Why doesnt “target” go into state schools – they are a business – a perverted PC ideological “one point of view” factory it seems. Time to find out the truth. Dont out anyone by name or face at this point – respect the fact some may unfortunately be malicious – but get examples out there for discussion.

      Heres one from the herald this morning