Now Carmel's more real campaign is doomed

Sue Bradford will split the vote as she is even more real than Carmel Sepuloni, meaning the least real Paula Bennett will win easily thanks to her pig hunting, hard work and tart cart.

This must be really disappointing for the more real Carmel Sepuloni.

She would never have thought she would be competing against an even more real woman like Sue Bradford who has been a lot more real for a lot more years.

With Labour’s current poll ratings the Septic Tank is unlikely to get back in.


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  • michaels

    A win for all three concerned.
    Paula will breeze in. Win # 1
    Mana people will have to sit back and wonder what this bitch is doing standing for “their”
    Maori Party. So win # 2
    Labour go down the gurgla again in on of their heartland spots. Oh yay, win # 3 for Paula :)

    Now would they just confirm that c**t Minto.

    • Richard

      Michaels, go easy there. A c**t has uses. Even half a c**t has uses if folded over. Minto is at best a quarter-c**t.

      • Doc

        Sorry Richard but I have to disagree, all cunts are useful!
        However, I believe that Minto is a limp-dick….no use to no cunt.

      • diabolos

        The sheer incisiveness and intellectual depth in this exchange is breathtaking. And you vote for National?

        I’ll give you boys the benefit of the doubt and assume you are both gynaecologists on a conference binge … swapping stories about female parts.

        Soooo – you guys are part of the group that have the smarts etc to help guide the New Zealand voting public to the right decision …. oooook

  • MrV

    Why do NZ politicians equate being more ‘real, authentic etc’ with being more striken with poverty?
    Really says a lot about the nation …

    • thor42

      Yes…. I couldn’t agree more!

  • Troy

    Given Carmel Sepuloonies recent performance in Parliament and her quite immature childish behaviour, she will probably get back into opposition after the next election due to her list position – astounding that our system allows slack bitches like this to receive MP pay and continue to perform in a really inadequate manner.

  • peterwn

    Go Paula, Go. In the last nearly three yoars you have shown you have got what it takes.

  • Mully

    I’m so happy this is my electorate. I’m hoping to be able to abuse Bradford when it’s plying for votes in the area. I have a job, so she probably won’t like me.

  • Mr Blobby

    This is what happens when you start believing your own bullshit. She got in previously on the shirt tails of the Greens and spat the dummy when they didn’t want her for leader, wonder why. Being a constituent MP is different to being list scum. Honestly who does she think will vote for her.

  • thor42

    I’m certain that deep down inside, the Bradford-beast (Clark-beast version 2.0) knows that she hasn’t got a snowman’s chance in hell of winning the seat. She simply wants to raise her profile and get into parliament as a scum list MP (and do even more troughing than she already has). Silly bitch.
    Paula ***ROCKS!*** She is the BEST welfare MP that the country has ever had. No-one comes within light-years of her.

  • diabolos

    Well i could enter into the spirit of the occasion – and say that Paula is an overweight blousy common as muck westie bint with no dress sense (probably wearing leopardskin g strings in parliament-which would account for the writhing demeanour when she’s on her feet) who looks and sounds like a minor extra off the show “outrageous fortune” – who willing got a “leg over” via the welfare state and now wants to pull the ladder up after her – and who has about as much depth as a shallow saucer full of milk put out for the cat. But i wont – that would be in bad taste and extremely unfair. There’s been quite enough mention of bitches , beast and female pudenda and this and that on this thread already – shocking. Even a wharfie would blush.

    I’ve got a feeling that this next election could hold a few surprises. Little bit like Canada beating Tonga. This World Cup may definitely become a metaphor for New Zealand. May herald a significant wakeup call. Only time will tell.

  • diabolos

    Just some visual enhancement to what i am unprepared to say … if indeed i was to enter into the ‘spirit’ of the thread …

  • Chris

    Trouble with Bennett is that she’s a bit think. Go check out some of her youtube videos and watch her very closely. She can blabber on okay but there really isn’t too much going on behind the eyes. Her tendency to talk shit also gives her away.

    • diabolos

      You got it mate in one. She’s a polytech girl who has learned a few tricks. But you wouldnt be well advised to put her in a senior position affecting other peoples lives … let alone a country. Bit like Alamein Kopu on speed.

      • richard

        Better a polytech education than Ratana Bible College.