Oh hardy har-har

The judge reckons a man (if you can call someone who molestes his 4 year old a man) who plead guilty to molesting his own child doesn’t deserve a conviction because “he makes people laugh”.

We are all laughing at Judge Philippa Cunningham today.

Here is a funny thing. It’ll make you laugh, I have a conviction for naming this piece of scum.

This is just bullshit.



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  • P1LL

    I found this page that has an interesting discussion on the subject . http://tinyurl.com/3lnhb44

    • navyman

      Cheers P1LL , Thanks for the link , now I can avoid the shitbag.
      fucking unbeleivable

    • notavictim

      nice work, thanks for that. now to my list of e mail contacts and every one in my phone.

  • shad

    you gotta find out who this guy is man, you’re the only one and this piece of shit needs his professional life ruined. shit. if i did anything like this the fact that it would jeopardize my career wouldn’t matter for shit, i wouldn’t get name suppression and i’d sure as hell end up in prison.

  • Drea

    don’t worry WO most ppl know who the scumbag is… he’ll never get tv work again. For someone with his ego that will hurt. I always thought he was a bit “sneaky”

  • Tracy

    Whatever, stipid website and talk about put yur head in the sand … is it that easy is it??/ to just say its against the law and protect the innocent??/ well I shall give you a piece of information, it doesnt protect the innocent, it has the opposite effect. They are gagged in their ability to state their case, to explain their innocence in the betrayal that has befallen them …… by an adult – they cannot speak to anyone in case it jeopardises the case they have to take the stand in, and explain to a prosector why they should not be seen to be “asking for it” even at a very young age ….. been there, done that with a family case against a family “friend” ………….. it doesnt protect at all – just makes it worse by being silenced by the system that is supposed to protect our innocent … grow up bowing to the PC way that is infecting our soceity and family dynamic ……….. bullshit politics – and too easy NOT to have to make a stand agiant these “funny” poeple in our communities

  • Yes, I agree. This is beyond a joke :(

  • Whafe

    This is fucken joke…. We have all been pissed as and off our chops at some point in our lives, but to perform this act on ones daughter because you were pissed and thought it was your partner, give me fucken strength….

    Sickening…. Hope the Karma bus runs this prick down…

  • James

    And turns him into a Pulp … and maybe something Sportier than a bus.

    Although I guess the taxpayer would have to pick up the Bill to clean the mess up.

  • Johnno

    The whole thing is quite repulsive but (without excusing this person) I have heard of things such as sexsomnia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexsomnia which put people in the position of essentially brainless robots due to sleep. Not saying that’s an excuse but the details of the case seem similar to past examples …

  • richard

    The judicial system is headed by a, populated with lots of, and serves the interests of c**nts.

  • Troy

    Commonsense seems to be more and more lacking amongst our judiciary, perhaps they have been so immersed in their individual ideas of jurisprudence that it slipped their mind that they are here to serve the people who pays them to exericse common sense. This is another judge, amongst a long list that are simply fucked up somehow. It astounds me what must (or must not) go through their minds when dishing out punishments. This turd needs locking up in square box on Auckland Island some 465km from Bluff and left to rot.

  • Todd

    I couldn’t believe it till I read it myself, I was personally hoping that NZ hadn’t sunk so low to allow scum scrapped from the bottom of the barrel to walk free. The only part I am grateful for is NZ has only 2 degrees of seperation so from only a few living room conversations word should spread.
    To even suggest that releasing his name would result in too greater punishment shows how we little value the innocence of children. I am pretty sure the recent sex tourism case resulted in worst punishment which indicates children are now safer under NZ law in Thailand.

  • Mark

    It’s absurd, how does the reassurance that these abhorrent motherfuckers aren’t going to be publicly disgraced in any way protect the victims of the past, let alone the ones in the future? Imo the public disgrace could act as a deterrent that would prevent more things like this from happening in the future.

  • Flashman

    Simple – boycott the scumbag.

    Ensure that his career in “comedy” is destroyed and that his name is so toxic that any event hosting him will face financial disaster.

    I join you all in condemning this reprehensible and unjust ruling.

  • TitanUranus

    I did not think we could a more useless cunt than Phil Goff, but there you go Judge Philippa Cun­ning­ham has just taken the title,maybe this useless fucking cunt should reevaluate her job description.
    So what happens to the victim in all this now ,the child molester is free to carry on unhindered and unpunished?

    And the cretins that are what pass for our judiciary can`t understand why they don`t get the respect they think they are owed. No wonder this country is fucked.

  • Paddles

    I would make[WO: Are you prepared to pay my legal bills?, No? Didn’t think so, fuck off] so we can see his sport turn to [redacted]

  • Tagged

    Yes he is a scumbag but unlike most offenders in the same situation it is very common knowledge who he is. We wouldn’t hear about any old Joe Blogg either who had done the same thing. They would do their jail time and resume their life in a different city/country and probably reoffend. I actually think in his case this is worse than a jail sentence – more of a life sentence. You don’t need to boycott him – the industry has already done that. No work, no income = no financial support for his kids futures – that alone must make him feel like a complete shitbag. I strongly doubt this person will ever offend again. I any case I think the name suppression judgement should be made by the victim or in the case of a minor, the parent, not the courts. In this case I think the mother would be happy for his name to remain suppressed. If it was not a celebrity would we even be interested?
    I wouldn’t normally agree but in this case I think the judge did right.

    • richard

      The mother was thinking of her daughter’s well-being and not name suppression when she reported this shitbag to the police. You are a halfwit apologist in the way you seek to protect Sian Elias’ corrupted system, the criminals, and not the victims.

      You have no idea just how much of this goes on. Winston Peters did NZ a big favour by naming and shaming Judge Coral Shaw in parliament – read Hansard. He is almost worth voting for later this year.

      • Tagged

        I am not protecting Sian Elias’ system at all – As I said – name suppression should be the victims decision not the courts.
        I am very well aware how much of ‘it’ goes on but the reality is it is not publicised the same for offender.
        In this case the offender has actually had it harder than the average offender as he is in the lime light – possibly another reason the mother would prefer him not to be named – prosecuted yes. People are mean too – the child has enough to deal with without children harassing her down the track.

  • Gazzaw

    Like a lot of others here I do not have a clue who we are talking about. Is he really prominent or just a second rate standup comic who features on a filler programme at 11pm? If that’s the case then how much is a TV boycott likely to affect him?

    • Tagged

      see first comment.

  • Can jduges be disbarred, like Lawyers, surly she has to go.

  • thor42

    A completely bizarre ruling. The guy pleads guilty and gets a DWC. Un-f**king-believable.

  • Don’t you just love Google auto-complete when you type this low-life’s name name in search;-)

  • tristanb

    I don’t really care about the name suppression as such if it is to protect the child, but what pisses me off is that he remains completely unpunished!!

    Surely he could have been sent to jail and given name suppression if it was important. He’s allowed to travel as he likes, perform as he likes. And the shameful thing is that if I was to mention his name I could be punished more severely than he was!!

    And for those saying that he’ll never work again, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know who he is. He’ll crawl out and start touring Aussie or something.

    Incidently, the other child sex offender entertainer that a judge granted suppression to is now being paid by the government/council to perform at a large event. I have emailed the MP involved with this event, a long time ago but have had no response.

    Crime and punishment in NZ:
    * Murder: Let off hook after famous All Black writes book about you.
    * Rape: Get off, because you’re a policeman and the court room can’t hear that your co-accused mates were already guilty of gang raping someone else.
    * Being accused of downloading an MP3: Fined $15,000 plus loss of Internet, unless you’re going to stump up for expensive legal bills to fight multiple lawyers.
    * Sexually assault a young girl while famous: free legal protection, and a law that stops from anyone ever mentioning the incident.

    Not on.

  • Helen

    Amazing isn’t it? Ordinary people that offend in less offensive ways get persecuted, as do their families, yet sports people and ‘entertainers’ get away with it. It’s the influence of these people on the inept judges that does it. Maybe the judges involved liked the idea of the offense being committed ???? Ooohhh sick bastards aye? Maybe they should all be beaten to a PULP? Would that be SPORT?

  • Mickrodge

    Jesus talk about a mob mentality.

    Firstly, any sexual interference with a minor is a deplorable despicable thing and should be treated with the harshest possible punishments…but, and I only base this on reading the article, there are a number of mitigating factors in this particular case.

    According to the article it played out like this;

    Guy comes home smashed.
    Tries it on with his partner…rebuked.
    Daughter gets into bed during the night.
    Guy “tries” it on again but with daughter.
    Partner wakes up & says “WTF”, guy says “I thought it was you”.
    Guy has no recollection of the incident.

    Now whether you believe this version of events or not the fact is that the guy has no previous, there’s no grooming, it’s not over a period of time it’s a one off event by a guy very possibly in an alcoholic “blackout” or in a state where he very possibly had no understanding of his actions. According to the report his daughter looks forward to seeing him again.

    Now this guy has in the past been an entertainer. Fact, everyone in his industry will know his name…he will never work here again. I imagine his whole social structure has evaporated around him. He will be a pariah to many for years to come and I imagine will have to move overseas & “start again”.

    Feel free to throw stones at the guy. Name call & whatever but for my mind he’s no Graham Capill, Bert Potter, disgraced catholic priest. He’s a guy who made a terrible, terrible error of judgement possibly without even knowing it & he is paying a very substantial price for it.

    Just my opinion, based on what I have read.

    • Richard

      The mother clearly did not believe this was all a silly once-off mistake. Both the mother and four-year-old are receiving counselling. I am most concerned about the little girl as she knows something bad has happened involving her daddy and she feels confused/guilty for any part she has played in it. Its going to take forever to work this through.

      And yes the comedian faces a bleak future never knowing when his past is going to catch-up with him no matter where he goes.

  • Not only is he so bloody funny that he “gets off” but the Judge has ordered him to do community service in…. wait for it…. either a rest home or primary school. Judge Cuntingham needs to take a stroll to any of the nation’s war memorials to see how many stuffed toys were left there in support of all those “victims” who never made it…. yeah, how “funny” is that?

    And yeah… obscene to think you get a conviction for naming him. He walks Scott free.


  • Ady

    The mere fact that the judge found the twot to be funny proves what an incompetent cow she is. He has never made me laugh, cringe yes, laugh no!

  • SexyBeast

    Thanks P1LL, good on ya.

    I hope this kiddie fiddler gets on Celebrity Treasure Island and is litterally
    bumped off and found floating in the lagoon face down and being nawed
    on by a shark. Sure he’d love everyone to believe his line about not
    knowing who he was touching, but you’d have to be close to comatose
    to not notice the difference in size of a four year old vs fully developed

    K1w1Jax – a freakin’ PRIMARY SCHOOL?? WTF is wrong with our judicary?

  • SexyBeast

    Thanks P1LL.
    K1w1Jax – a freakin’ PRIMARY SCHOOL? WtF is wrong with our judicary?

  • Kay

    When Tony Veitch assaulted his ex-partner so severely her spine was cracked and his pattern of abuse was exposed, some people said “don’t worry he won’t work in the media again”. But now he has apologised and has had “counselling”, his mates were only too eager to get him back on the airways.

    Anyone want to bet how long before this Party boy is back in comedy roles? Maybe entertaining Sports crowds with his “humour”?

  • The Bug

    So you are saying that it is OK to beat someone up provided you are so drunk you can’t remember it? No? Then why is this different?

    I have a 4 year old daughter and don’t think there is enough booze in the world to make mistake her for the missus.

  • Pharmachick


    Does anyone know if The Crown is appealing this appalling miscarriage of justice?

    Does anyone also know if there is a process for having Judges un-benched? Surely this verdict (inclusive of the accompanying comments) show that this judge did not, in fact, follow the law, but rather allowed personal bias to interfere with her ruling. Yes Judges are human, but NO, they are not allowed to make the law up (including exceptions to the law) as they go along.