On Raybon Kan

I note that the story has made the Herald on Sunday.

This post isn’t about the tweet. When I posted it last night I posted it saying I bet he gets in trouble for it. But I can now see where this is story is going and my prediction is it is going nowhere. I’ll tell you why.

In this country it is ok to make jokes about Jews. Muslims no way, but Jews yes. About the Governor-General, no and the jokester must be sacked, but Jews yes. You can’t make jokes about Indian Commonwealth Games preparations but you can about Jews. You can’t make jokes about Maori, but you can about Jews. Jews and the Exclusive Brethren, they are the ones where there is open season for joke telling.

This is the double standard that exists in New Zealand. I doubt we will see UNITE union flunkies protesting outside Raybon Kan’s employer, or boycotting his shows, because all he did was tella  joke that offended some filthy Jews.

No don’t get me wrong, I’m with David Farrar on this issue, but I wonder where the shriekers and yellers from the left that scream racism and take offence at much less are on this issue?

Their silence is telling. Next time they screech in outrage about some joke or another we should point at this case and tell them to STFU.


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  • Jake

    “filthy Jews” you feel that way about all Jews do you? I’m a right winger, heavily involved in the right wing and I can tell you that I find his comment offensive along with your comment as well. FYI, some of your readers are Jewish.

    • You are obviously new here. The comments is made not from my perspective but from the perspective of the people who make the jokes and protest the tennis players and push the Palestinian cause.

      I am firmly on the side of Israel and my posts and history prove that. I suggest you read my posts before making an embarrassment of yourself.

  • diabolos

    Have to say – that it has never been regarded as ok to make jokes about jews in my experience – other than of the ilk of the rash of good natured Irish jokes that have come about often. I dont think Khans ‘joke’ was about Jews – it was about Germans and what they did – and how efficiently they did it – not about Jews. There is the old joke about Jews and money – but the same has been said about Scots and Dutchmen as well – but to my knowledge its always been good natured and only the PC or the media get upset about it. Billy T James is still celebrated for his take on Maori – by all sides.

    People dont joke about muslims for one very good reason – they do things like either threatening to kill you – or they do kill you – or they fly aircraft into your buildings. You wont find a satirical programme about Muslims i would hazard a guess. Says a lot about their nasty little religion.

    If Khan were a politician – i would take great offence. I dont agree with Khan – but i’ve heard worse in Comedy Fests where people of all colours races and creeds have pissed themselves laughing. He shouldnt have done it thats clear. The joke is accusatory toward Germans – Jews were by implication involved as the victims – but they arent named – Germans are. We all know – it IS regarded as ok to tell Jokes about Germans – witness all the use of 3rd Reich type footage by both the Right, the Left and the alleged “centre” with fake English subtitles.

    I’d like to see the left and the right all brave enough to start taking proper potshots at Islam – goodness knows they deserve it. But before you do – buy a flak jacket and a good security system. I’m not brave enough to do it – and im not ashamed to admit it. They are humourless cameljockeys. But i’ll just bet they tell “infidel-jokes”.

  • Paranormal

    I was about to come in here and join you in outrage that those on the left can get away with it but not those on the right (just ask Kevin Campbell), but I thought I should just read what he actually said first.

    Non issue as far as I can see.

    His job is to be a little outlandish, and really that’s all it appears to be to me. If you want to get all outraged you’d better be outraged on behalf of all the nationalities and types the SS loaded on trains. It wasn’t just Jews that were loaded on trains. Just ask the Russians.

    But then I think if someone wants to make a dick out of themselves by saying non PC stuff they have every right to. I think it was wrong to stop the holocaust denier entering the country. Not because there is any shred of reality in what he says, but because we as a nation should value freedom of speech. Certainly I’d be one of the first telling him he was an idiot.

  • Or because Raybon Khan is an inconsequential idiot. Not even a talking head, just some smug git who think’s his opinion, wit and urbane toss-offs are talking for the people. Somewhat like Ali Ikram, at least in the same vein as.

  • or because Raybon is as inconsequential as Rachel Smalley is?

  • Or because Raybon Khan, much like Ali Ikram, and the talking head Rachel Smalley are inconsequential people who have no influence, no power, and no favor to give.

  • thor42

    I too am staunchly pro-Israel and take every chance I get to expose the lying whining Fakestinians.
    Jokes about Muslims? I’ve told a few around the place (though obviously I check who’s around beforehand….).
    Islam is nothing but a hateful, violent death-cult, so those who are brainwashed enough to follow it open themselves right up for ridicule and derision.
    As far as I’m concerned, Islam should be the **number 1** source of jokes. Why? Because Muslims **can’t stand** seeing their CULT mocked. Their cult does **not** deserve to be called a “religion”. Joking and mocking it hits Islam in its weak spot. People don’t like to be associated with anything that is ridiculed. Just look at Labour.

    • diabolos

      tut tut Thor – you really are a very naughty boy. I agree about islam.

      Everybodys turn for ridicule comes round (its all made to go round) …. i have noticed you dont like your cult mocked either … i mean Milton Friedman and Augusto Pinochet are part of your neo-catholic pantheon of saints you sacrifice goats to arent they.

      Just a joke mate … i dont really mean it at all. Probably Baroness Thatcher and Ron Reagan are really the saints…

  • Kevin Campbell

    Cheers for the “publicity” Paranormal :-)

    Yes, in my experience “on the right” (during board election time) there is an unwritten rule that no party member standing for office shall name anyone who is Jewish a Jew or they automatically become an offensive Nazi or similar and thereafter fail to have their membership renewed because thier face doesnt fit.

    But the other party rule is strange. An MP in the same party can steal a dead baby’s identity, disgrace himself and still remain a party member.

    For the record I support Israel and have never actually met a Jew I didn’t like. I respect John Key but I dont support his party or think he is a good leader. End of story.

    For the record I support Israel and the Jewish, why wouldn’t I?

    • diabolos

      Why do you support Israel .. and the jewish …

      Even Colonel Muki Betser who fought and was wounded fighting for israel was critical of his Government and their policies re expansionism into Palestine … or as Thor calls them the “fakestinians” (that lad needs to be circumcised – promptly …)

      • Kevin Campbell

        Mainly because Israeli reaction to the Palestinians seems to have a justifiable and proven motive of self defence behind it.

  • diabolos

    Lets test the proposition .. Jokes about Islam courtesy of Youtube …

    See what you think ….

      • diabolos

        No disagreement from me Cam. The PC brigade on the right left and centre need a bomb under them – this has been brewing for 1400 years and its a fifth column sitting in our midst and demanding our attention and special privileges – and rights above and beyond normalcy.

        I’ll say one thing for Jews – some of them can be pricks – because they are human – and yes, they are hard businessmen – just like scots and dutchmen – but one thing – they never ask for special treatment – they dont require changes to our Western culture to accommodate them. The diaspora always blended – very well.

  • Inclusive Stranger

    I’ve heard practically no joking about the Exclusive Brethren – unless you count the left’s general dislike of the them as ‘joking’.

    Mate, if you really don’t think the EB’s need to be mocked you should head over to peebs.net and see some of the evil shit that is done by that cult – and lets not kid ourselves, that is EXACTLY what they are.

  • Kimbo

    I agree that humour should be equal-opportunity.

    I love Parker and Stone, the creators of “South Park”, because they do make jokes, invariably in very bad taste, about Jews, Muslims, Christian fundamentalists, Catholics, Afro-Americans, pyschics, Alcoholics Anonymous, liberals, conservatives, EVERYONE!

    I don’t think they have a racist bone in their body, but their body, but their rule of satire is very simple: If you are pretentious, and take yourself too seriously, you are a valid target.

    I think Kan is in the same category. Loved his joke about the stereotyping he has encountered as an Asian Kiwi: Was automatically awarded his high school Accountancy prize even though he wasn’t even enrolled in the subject.

    Well, I liked it. kan is not some anti-Semite, or racist like Hone sneering about white mo’ fo’s! The comedian’s intent is important. And anyway, it was a joke about GERMANS, not Jews!

  • Kevin Campbell

    I have known a few people who have worked for Exclusive Brethren business owners and they speak highly of them as employers. I dont know how their businesses survive though because they have only recently been allowed to use email communication.

  • bristol

    My daughter just walked into the living room and said, “Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewellery to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then disown me, and never talk to me again. And don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother.

    Well, she didn’t put it quite like that… she actually said…

    “Dad this is my new boyfriend, Mohammed.”

  • Sidco3

    Russian communist disaster where millions were enslaved and murdered was the handiwork of the Jews.  911 was a Jew engineered and operated Mossad caper to start the Phony Bush wars. The Jews were behind the illegal attack on Iraq.This latest Wall street plunder and  World financial meltdown , ditto.
    David Farrar is a Jew telling typical Jewish lies for his pal Jew John Key.
    Key is suggesting a sell off of publicly owned assets. When he runs out of them what next? Prison inmate body parts? Sounds outrageous I know but don]t rule it out. Happened in Iraq. Still happening in Afghanistan and occupied Palestine and even in New York where Jewisg Rabbis were recently charged wirg peddling human body parts.

    Beware of the Rabbi with an eski but better still beware of any Jew in a Goyim public office.