Orca or Seal?

Happy Feet is no more.

The only question remaining is what had Happy Feet for lunch.My pick is a seal.

Makes you wonder why we spent thousands of dollars fattening up seal food.


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  • diabolos

    Biggest load of pc rubbish ever conceived. If the creature was on our shores – then put him in a controlled zoo like habitat.

    The media loved it – Happy Feet is a testimony to stupidity and gullibility. Waste of time and money. Its a metaphor for how the media swallow every spurting of nonsense from Key and his acolytes. Happyfeet is a metaphor for the national party and every vacuous populist movement that has every existed. Expensive to keep – fascinating to the public and a fawning media – and just maybe … eventually consumed by a whale (of some sort or other)

    Victim of his own ecosystem

    • Jeez diabolos you talk a lot of shit at times. What the hell has John Key got to do with this? Don’t you have a job to go to?

      I’m sure that this will evoke a smartarse response from you. Almost everything does and usually on subjects that you know jackshit about.

    • MrV

      Are you serious?

  • potandkettle

    I thought that too. A very expensive lunch on the taxpayer.

  • Monty

    nah orca beats penguin any day.

  • monty

    Orca beats penguin any day. DPF undertands that.

  • bruno32

    DOC needs to be held accountable. They murdered that penguin. It should have gone to Kelly Carltons .

    • Dion

      Not to mention the extremely poor return on investment :-)

  • Peter

    Maybe Happy Feet became a Happy Meal for a seal.
    An ocean version of McDonalds, made while you wait.

  • sandynobb

    It’s a seal / orca eat penguin world. What’s the Green’s position on this?

  • Apolonia

    It will be interesting to see if the tracking device shows up in the Tokyo fish market,inside the entrails of a Whale.

  • Peter Wiseman

    Maybe Happy Feet became a Happy Meal for a seal.
    An ocean version of McDonalds, made while you wait.

  • thor42

    I vote for the “great white”. Crunch, crunch, crunch…… ;)

  • Kea

    I think he got chopped up by the propellor of the Sea Shepperd. They are always down that way tearing around the Southern Ocean causing mayhem.

  • It’s a bit of a stretch to say Happy Feet is no more. All we know is that the transmitter signal hasn’t been received for three days. Being eaten is just one of the many possible explanations.

    • Gazzaw

      Maybe we should despatch an Orion Andrew just to make sure. I’m sure that the Wellington Zoo, DOC & NIWA would all approve.

  • Louisa

    Poster one nailed it right on the head. I really couldn’t understand the relevance of putting some clueless penguin on the 6 o’clock news more than once. What confuses me more is that people in my workplace were non-stop talking about this thing. A penguin got lost. Then he got sick from eating sticks. Happy Feet confused fish with sticks? Makes you wonder if the group he was travelling with ‘lost’ him for a reason.

  • Yup. I’m going with bad glue. The transmitter fell off. If you check the warranty it says “void in salt water” and “may not operate in less than optimal conditions (20 degrees, dry, sunny)

  • Scanner

    Dear DOC
    Thank you very much for feeding Happy Feet and taking such good care of him, he was delicious
    The Seal