Owen Glenn to donate $100m, but there is a catch

Owen Glenn says he will donate $100m to New Zealand, but with only one condition:

Businessman Owen Glenn says he plans to donate a $100 million to youth and education in New Zealand, but it comes with one condition.

The man who donated half a million dollars to the Labour Party prior to the 2005 general election says he is now back the National Party.

Mr Glenn says the money would be invested from primary school through to tertiary education, and beyond to help New Zealand market its products and services overseas.

He says is worried about the way forward for New Zealand when it comes to growing the country’s wealth.

The 71-year-old worries that our politicians could be bereft of ideas and meaningful policies and he also worries that New Zealanders are lacking vitality and get-up-and-go.

The ex-pat entrepreneur who once lived in a state house in South Auckland has made a fortune, ranking sixth equal in this year’s NBR Rich List.

He has also given millions to Kiwi causes, from the Christchurch quake recovery fund to university business school education.

Watch now for Labour to attack this generous Kiwi now that he has turned his back on them after their shabby treatment of him.


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  • Sorry Whale, but I think you’re guilty of repeating here. If you watch the interview, Glenn never said his funding was conditional. That was fat-arse Plunkett putting words into his mouth. Watch the video and you’ll see.

    • diabolos

      No i think Cam is quite right here – i’ll go back and look at the video – but Plunket queried it twice and Glenn confirmed the assertion.

  • diabolos

    Why not just make an offer for the entire country? It’s going cheap soon.

    If people want to vote on the basis of a nationally televised “offer you cant refuse” then thats fine. Just hope when its accepted by the voting public – we dont all wake up one morning with a bloodied severed horse head on the pillow beside us. A consortium of wealthy folk could buy this whole nation up – ready made cheap labour force on tap – and a playground to offer.

    Yes he is a generous man – and was to the Labour Party. Does that make it right.

    Dunno – do you?

  • pdm

    A moot point GG. I watched the interview and my understanding is that if Labour or any combination including them becomes the Government the donation will not happen.

  • We can expect some venom too from the xenophobic Senior Citizen from St Mary’s Bay after his duplicity and lies over the Owen Glenn donation.

  • Whafe

    Indeed a generous man, but sheesh that is a hell of a switch. Last election into Pinko Labour and now a switch…..

    Cant say I could switch like that, you are more or less left or right thinking in my book… ;)

    • Watching the video I don’t think he liked being called a liar by Helen Clark and Winston Peters.

      • Whafe

        Agree Cam, being called a liar by her of all humans is pretty rough…

        However he either is into the population getting a hand out or into those that get off their own asses and be in charge of ones own destiny….

        100 Mill is a fair amount of loot, could be used very wisely to change a deep seated in grained feeling that so many feel they are owed something…

        In this world we are owed sweet fuck all, the sooner people accept that the better..

  • Maurie Haddon

    THe sooner we all learn that this Country is Fucked, and the rest of the world Humours us , Japan ia light years ahead in their Earthquake recovery….while the people of CHCH still live like RATS

  • diabolos

    I seriously dont think the majority of New Zealanders feel they are owed anything. I dont believe either that there is any deepseated ingrained feeling of entitlement – of any sort.

    I think people who are Kiwis look at a history of inclusion, fairness and sacrifice of past generations – and think that perhaps it can be done better. They also look at what successive economic tinkerings by neo liberal ideologues (love that term neo liberal – it makes eyes glaze over) has done and they want their money back.

    So many glib statements – we can make and re-make the world around us – thats if we can keep the anti-peasant fascists away from policy making perhaps. The left was built on fighting inequity and oppression – on destroying the myth of ‘right to rule’ by a small elite that ruled by virtue of right time and right place – and right birth or family membership. No problem with meritocracy – but only if its a level playing field to begin with.

    • Whafe

      So what % do you think are owed something?

      • diabolos

        You are telling the story Whafe .. you tell me

        Perhaps we both mix with totally different people.

  • jabba

    I have said a million times that the incident where Mallard kept Owen away from Clark to prevent a photo of them together was appalling and the date Mallard consigned himself to be a nasty nobody.
    An interesting guy to listen to

  • kevin

    Owen Glenn, a guy we would all like to have a beer and a yarn with…

    • diabolos

      I’ve got some carpetlayer kneepads if you want .. so you can go down on him (on your knees) at the bar before quaffing your beer.

  • diabolos

    I never liked Clark or her style and voted against her … but Owen whatshisname may have started from a working class background just like Key – a scion of the welfare state even – but they forget their roots so quickly (unlike Chris Carter – his roots remain unquestioned) and start behaving like the “born to rule”. For someone of his undoubted stature to do what he did on National Taxpayer funded TV – over a Mill of bloodsweatandtears money of workers of all shades money funding by NZ on Air – offer a bribe to the voting populace with a very muldoonish style about him even to the curling jowls … is abominable.

    I think he made a very big mistake … New Zealanders (real NZers) dont take kindly to sanctimonious rich pricks telling us what to do. What he basically said is that what the Left have been saying now for decades is true – business money is funding political direction. I am richer than any of you – and if you vote my way i will give you money.

    Everyone tugs their forelock .. or on election day – has the chance to stick a great big collective index finger up in the air to Mr Glenn and say unmentionable things – noddy – go peddle your self made aristocratic garbage somewhere else – and take John Banks with you.

  • s

    diabolos your right, New Zealan­ders (real NZers) don’t take kindly to sanc­ti­mo­nious rich pricks telling us what to do, we also don’t take kindly to liberal soft cock professional unemployed left wing tit suckers preaching at us on how to spend money they never contributed to in the first place.
    The Labour party has become the domain of union hacks, failed school teachers and gays rather than a party representing working kiwis.
    Face facts our failed social experiment has financially ruined this country, and if it were a business the liquidators would have moved in long ago.
    Less govt spending through efficiencies, less and better targeted social spending together with meaningful education and an apprentice scheme that actually puts people into jobs rather than sticking them with a debt to provide jobs for tutors on the roundabout that has become our tertiary education system.
    Glen makes two statements that stand out, he believes in “hand ups rather than hand outs”, and he is prepared to “put his money where his mouth is”, are you?

    • diabolos

      S – mate .. let me enlighten you … as follows …

      #1 I am not a liberal professional
      #2 My cock – is my own business – but lets just say i dont need viagra – except to stop me rolling out of bed at night
      #3 I’ve never sucked tits before … sheesh mate you have an interesting life – its all go in your household
      #4 I wasnt promoting the Labour party – at all – if you read other comments on other posts you will find that no one is more critical of labour than me

      Now – Glenn is holding the country to ransom .. “I’m rich and if you dont vote my way – no money”. Now what do you think S?

      And as to putting money or anything in mouths – i think you should try removing your foot from yours mate.

      The left is not always Labour, Greens, Mana or extremist muesli and bicycle clip wearing nutjobs. There is another “left” that sits outside that. The country needs to realise that. It soon will.

      • “Now – Glenn is hold­ing the coun­try to ran­som .. “I’m rich and if you dont vote my way – no money”. Now what do you think S?”

        I’m not sure what S thinks, but I’ll tell you what I think. That is that the statement “if you don’t vote my way – no money” is exactly what every single election comes down to. People voting themselves a larger chunk of money the government has stolen from people more productive, harder working, more entrepreneurial and wealthier than they. Glenn is doing as a private citizen (and it’s his money, entirely up to him if he wants to spend it educating and training those who would otherwise end up an ever-increasing burden on the taxpayer) exactly what the craven, cowardly, corrupt political party machines do every election cycle.

        It goes back to our discussion the other day, which is that the Universal Franchise has been an utter failure, which has all-but destroyed New Zealand. The difference with the Glenn offer is it’s his money – he won’t be stealing it from the productive in order to fund his training establishment.

  • diabolos

    Then Ganttguy .. Mr Glenn should spend his money – or else put it back in his wallet and stop threatening an entire nation of people.

    You are entitled to your viewpoint mate … absolutely. The spurious assertion that people “vote themselves an income” is a myth. So – GG – who in the world is lily white and without self interest. If someone came to you and your family and said im prepared to give 50K in cash – but i want to have conjugal relations with your daughter and you have to have an enema 3 times a day for the next X number of months – what would you say.

    Thats the equivalent of Mr Glenns brash, brassy and quite nasty little offer. He is telling the voters to do what uncle Owen tells you. Or else.

    I say – fuck him – and the horse he rode in on.

    But then – thats just me.

    GG – you and S feel very free to let that happen – take the money and cuddle each other and assure each other of your moral certitude and commitment to a free society and individual responsibility. Then get a contractor to build a very big electrified fence around your home and get the best security money can buy.

    You will need it … i really think dialogue with anyone who really doesnt see the point – is becoming pointless. You want freedom and individual responsibility – but when it comes down to it – you just want to be told what to do.


    • You have no idea how wrong you are. I will not be voting for John Key’s National party, and no amount of Mr Glenn’s money would convince me to do so. I believe they are a pack of wet liberal traitors, appeasers and cowards, and there isn’t a single one on the party list I would voluntarily send to Wellington as my representative.

      And you’re right. Dialogue with one who really doesn’t see the point is pointless. I do want individual freedom and responsibility. I want a government that understands its only role is to ensure my individual freedom and responsibility, and to limit it only when it impinges on others. I don’t want a government stealing my money and giving it to a pack of eco-tards who think by pricing electricity out of people’s reach they’re going to somehow hold back the tide and save the planet. I don’t want a government stealing my money and giving it to the indolent, lazy, unintelligent.

      • diabolos

        My apologies for the presumption. As a lefty on here – you get a fair amount of presumption coming ones way – so you tend to expect it – plus as a lefty on here you get a lot of slaps around the chops too – but its all good for the soul.

        For the record – i dont believe in global warming – the ETS is a scam – I do believe in Government with a capability to intervene – the ACT model is unworkable in my opinion.

        in my experience there arent many indolent lazy or unintelligent people – most of them are sitting down in Wellington safely locked away in a big conical building.

        Some left leaners dont see the answer as giving money to the three types of people you named – they do see the need to create employment that stops them being lazy and indolent – and helps increase the overall intelligence quotient.

    • “If someone came to you & said Im preapred to offer 50k in cash but I want conjugal …………………………..”

      Unfortunately there are so many self interested punters in this country who would reply

      “yeah, I’m fine with the daughter but can we negotiate the enemas”.

      That unfortunately diabolos is what is wrong with our country.

      • diabolos

        Gazzaw – i actually agree with you.

        After i wrote it i thought – jeez i bet there are people who would take the offer.

        After all famous comedians get name suppression for fiddling with their 4 year old daughter. If i caught the prick he would be singing soprano out of his nethermost regions.

  • If he had any nethermost regions left to sing out of!