Pansy Wong cleared

Labour has made much of the supposed lack of diversity in National’s list and candidates but they are directly responsible for hounding a woman and an Asian MP from the parliament in a nasty little campaign that had not a single shred of evidence. Just smears, lies and innuendo.

The Auditor-General has just cleared Pansy Wong.

However, Provost said her investigations found there was ”no pattern of wrong doing” by the couple “or of extensive business activity linked with overseas travel”.

Wong said she welcomed the report because it found they had not “intentionally abused the system”.

She denied her husband meant to mislead the first inquiry.

In a statement she said: “At the November 2010 inquiry, Sammy Wong contacted the company in Lianyungang, China, to ascertain the dates that he visited there. He received a list detailing trips he had made and the June 2008 trip was not on it.  None of the trips listed involved any parliamentary travel rebates. He accepted the external confirmation in good faith and had no intention to mislead any inquiry.”

Wong added: “I hope the findings of the Office of the Auditor General and my actions taken demonstrate that accountability was accepted and any mistake made was unintentional.”

The report makes a stark contrast to all the posts at Red Alert by chief muck-raker Trevor Mallard.

Having Pansy Wong hanging around is great. The drip feed that Lockwood Smith used will happen again. Once or twice a week July or September depending on whether they go pre RWC.

No unwinnable by-election in January or February.

Numerous Asian money trails leading to a certain post office box.

The gift that will keep on giving. And the best thing is that the area that hasn’t even started being reviewed is all John Key’s responsibility – Ministerial Services.


Pete Hodgson is asking another question today. Sort of like water torture for Key and Pansy.

Pressure is mounting for an Auditor-General’s investigation into taxpayer-funded travel by Pansy and Sammy Wong after fresh information emerged yesterday that appears to contradict what Mr Wong told a recent inquiry.


John Key refuses to refer the matter to the AG, saying it’s not his job. But somebody’s sticky fingers appear to be at work. Documentation on various websites has either come down or has been made more difficult to find. We are waiting for John Key to explain the 9th floors role in this.

Will Trevor Mallard and Pete Hodgson now resign for their muck-raking. Yet another H-Fee balls-up on their part that claimed the scalp of a Minister who not appears to been maligned incorrectly. I doubt they will, their whole being is to fling muck and not be held accountable for it.

Labour’s attacks once again have failed. Will they apologise for it? Not likely. No wonder they are hovering in the mid 20s in the opinion polls.


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  • Mr Blobby

    Missed Pansy Wong for less than a second she was a racist. When she spoke in Parliament could never figure out what she was saying, some sort of double speak with party news bites thrown in. I went to her for assistance and as soon as she found out I was not Asian, the door was shut in my face. I was under the belief that your electorate MP was there to help their constituents, regardless of who they were.
    Have to go see the replacement at some stage. Plastic Keys Facsimile cardboard cutout Will I be disappointed and have to eat my words?

    • diabolos

      True Blobby … she could barely speak english.

      I often find myself wondering with the asian MPs of all political hues …. where does their allegiance lie … to New Zealand or to Beijing. To Being Kiwi – or advancing a uniquely asian agenda that may be to the detriment of Kiwi Culture.

      It amazes me – one nation – one flag – and there are still special interest groups who dont want to live in their mother countries – but want to impose their own paradigm on us – by political force if necessary?

      All this garbage – an Asian voice – a Muslim voice – you came here – you want to live here … we give everyone a voice as a human being. Why do you want to be a seperate voice. why do you feel more validated by a face slightly darker with epicanthic folds on the eyes? Its no different to the “tits and ass” doctrine of the tokenists wanting more women on everything of any nature at all.

      Its almost like a host with a parasite on board. Try watching Triangle TV sometime … particularly Saturday and Sunday … “Voice of Islam” .. and you will hear American and British Mullahs launching a virulent attack on Christianity for instance – blow by blow doctrinal dismantling of that Faith – on Television – public media. Most attacked doctrine – the Trinity – interesting. They’ve started to tone it down a little bit … but if you want to have your eyes opened try watching it. Its like Brian Tamaki on steroids.

      • reid

        Most attacked doc­trine – the Trin­ity – inter­est­ing.

        It is isn’t it d, plus how come and plain how are they doing it and getting away with it as they do, is also interesting.

        Very good lessons.

    • diabolos

      And when i say Asian i should say Chinese in particular i guess. But it applies to all migrants – Indian, Chinese, Russian, Sth African or whatever … you dont want to live in your home country. We welcome you – but we shouldnt have to then provide you with special representation. Learn the lingo – the culture – and we will reciprocate.

      Simple really. Not so easy in this silly PC land we now live n.

  • diabolos

    The full article you link to has more than just what you have referred to. No criticism intended – but they arent necessarily exonerated or cleared as it were.

    She was caught it seemed and so was hubby. Mr Wong had a very disgruntled business associate in the BOP who was also gunning for both of them through sour business dealings as i recall.

    No pattern of wrongdoing could be translated as “we cant find anything…”

    Time will tell i suppose.

  • Steve

    You win again Trev. What a great score you have now. And who is going to thank you for all of your lies and shit?
    Nobody sunshine, except the terminaly stupid. Chinese wispers will haunt you

  • She was not cleared. It just wasn’t proved she repeatedly broke the law. The Auditor-General reckons she only broke it sometimes.

    • Mr Blobby

      I’m not a criminal. I don’t repeatedly break the law. I only speed sometimes.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Playing devils advocate for a minute, Do you think Margret Mutu may have a point given some of the comments here? And to clarify, I don’t agree with her point of view but it’s understandable she may have come to this conclusion but a so called “professor” probably could have articulated it a little better..