Paula more popular than Goff

Paula Bennett can pull bigger crowds than Phil Goff.

My spies tell mea more than 60 turned up. Clearly there are plenty of fans of pig hunting politicians in Hutt South.


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  • diabolos

    More a reflection of what lives in the Hutt Valley in pockets i think. I think they would love Paula to bits.

    Hutt Valley High is an early indicator.

    I remember being told in the 60’s and 70’s that people on the trains used to complain about the mad rooting going on on the banks of the hutt river directly in passengers panoramic view. Apparently it was students from Hutt Valley High using it as a place to sow their wild oats. Also the sight was described of “Bare bums bobbing up and down on the riverbank…” And this happened every day apparently.

    Aah the good old days. Its just like parts of West Auckland.

    • Scanner

      More hearsay evidence from one who seems to know all, wanker.

      • diabolos

        No sense of humour scanner. Thanks for the suggestion – i will try to do it more often. How often do you do it? I need some tips.

  • Rusty Kane

    Paula Bennett being Minister of Social Welfare… many would feel obliged to turn up to their partime staffs bosses meetings.

  • Scanner

    What a coincidence while she’s pulling a good crowd, the MP for Hutt South is over the hill pulling his pud.

    • diabolos

      You really seem to have a fixation with “pulling” mate. Did you attend Hutt Valley High?

      You may go blind you know. You may become the Guru “tugginmahpuddah” from the village of “hairinmakeester” if you arent careful.

      • Scanner

        Your not related to Philip Ure are you? it’s just that you seem to spout the sort of meaningless drivel.
        By the way I still think your a tosser, and it looks like others are starting to notice it as well

  • Peterw

    Is diabolos becoming Whales new troll?
    Bring back media tart, at least she was amusing, this guys a dicksmack. Probably a fellow blogger with too much time on his hands.

    • Frosty

      I read the odd blog and very rarely comment – but after reading this prat’s BS over the past few days I have to agree with you Peterw. Taking a punt here, but I’d say he got picked on at school (for good reason) and still struggles to make friends. Probably because he’s just so much smarter than anyone he meets *cough*.

  • diabolos

    Well then – i unreservedly apologise to Scanner, Peterw and Frosty – and anyone else i may have offended – believe it or not it wasnt intended.

    I have found it difficult to resist the temptation to respond to (sort of) “insults” etc – what i thought i was trying to do was look for the “sense of the ridiculous” that i reckon exists in all the stuff we humans think is so important sometimes. If i got it wrong i apologise.

    I dont have a lot of agreement with Cam – i am unashamedly left leaning – but i hope i can recognise the weaknesses inherent in any extreme view – and the dangers (i believe) in holding to a view on a purely dogmatic and ideological premise that can run the risk of excluding reality.

    Fair comments guys – i actually am quite fond of this blog – and although Cam often makes me unload portions of food on the computer screen with some of his posts – overall at least (i thought) alternative points of view were welcome and that by the pretty strong opinions and language – most commenters were robust enough to take things in good part?. There is a lot of glibness and backslapping on here – and on other blogs – guess thats what i might react to sometimes.

    Anyway humble apo-logys – lend me a putty knife to scrape the egg off my face

    • Agent BallSack

      I think its refreshing to find a lefty who can post here, most of the time its very well thought out, on subject or topic and you genuinely have some intelligent suff to say….abusing the righties who inhabit here wont win you much friends though….other than that I despise you LOL stop talking sense we dont know how to handle it :D

      PS we all know you post here because of the quality of the opposition, must get mighty boring hanging out at RedAblerta!

      • diabolos

        Well mate without wanting to say too much – the ‘left’ blogs are not open minded enough in my view. At least Cam seems to sit back these days and let us have a crack.

        Dont think i’ve done too much abuse mate in all honesty – mostly tried to engage in dialogue. The righties seem to start like firecrackers often – but so do the lefties on the left leaning blogs. I think its the extremists who cause the trouble so often. Most Kiwis have middle ground like shared values they can agree on.

  • diabolos

    Just as a footnote … I dont know what a troll is other than the story of billy goats gruff and living under bridges.

    To clear up some issues …

    – I am not particularly smart – passable abilities sometimes
    – Probably underconfident rather than overly so
    – Had a good school life – broad range of friends
    – Was outspoken and pissed off more than a few people as a youngster
    – Havent mellowed with age
    – Often seemed blithely unaware of my annoying nature till it was too late

    I do like people – and i reckon people is what its all about – not systems.

    So there you have it.

  • Actually Diabolos, your comments on this thread are about the only ones you’ve made that that haven’t made *me* upchuck all over my monitor. Bloody funny, IMHO.

    • diabolos

      Well thats a relief. Fuck i thought i had started World War Three and would have angry mobs after me.

      By the way – the ones about Hutt Valley High are absolutely factual. Apparently it was the talk of Wellington.

      I dont think the students realised they were visible beyond the tree barrier. Who cares – practice makes perfect after all. I’ll try in future to help limit your upchucking old son… stick with me kid – i’ll show you a leftist vision of the world.