Performance pay for teachers

In the private system at least there is performance pay:

Almost half of the head teachers moved up three or more salary bands in three years – the equivalent of a pay rise of at least £20,000. Three heads took pay rises in excess of £50,000.

The number of senior teachers earning more than £60,000 has increased from 372 to 759 in the period.

The salary deals, set by a school’s board of governors, are recorded within bands of £10,000 and include basic pay and pension plus taxable benefits such accommodation, health care or cars.

Tony Little, the headmaster of Eton College since 2002, saw his pay deal increase from £170-180,000 to £200-210,000 in the period. More than 140 staff earned over £60,000, up from 100 in 2007. The school charges fees of £30981 a year.

“Eton College seeks to employ the very best teachers and has a remuneration structure designed to attract and retain them,” said Janet Walker, the school bursar.

“In recent years, with government-led changes in the education sector, including competitive remuneration for head teachers recruited to improve the performance of state schools and the introduction of Academies, the demand for outstanding senior staff has increased considerably.”

Bernice McCabe, headmistress of North London Collegiate School, was one of the best paid teachers in the country. School accounts show her remuneration package rose from £120-129,000 in 2007 to £240-250,000 in 2010, including £62,000 of accommodation and services.

The school, whose alumnae include Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, and Rachel Weisz, the actress, charges £13572 a year. The number of teachers earning more than £60,000 rose from 6 to 32 in the period.

“In order to provide the outstanding education that the school offers it is essential that the school recruits and retains the best teachers. Our parents expect this, and it is important that the salary scale remains competitive,” said Graham Partington, the bursar. He said the school had not declared accommodation benefits in accounts prior to 2008.

Some are whinging but I doubt their whines will gain much traction. With performance pay comes the expectation of…well…performance. There doesn;t look to me an uprising from parents rather from commentators in the sector. Probably the usual suspects.

At Hurstpierpoint College, which charges boarding fees of £27750 a year, headmaster Tim Manly’s pay and benefits rose from £80-90,000 to £130-140,000. He said school governors tied his salary to increasing pupil numbers and exam results. “My pay is linked very much to performance, rather than a ‘Oh, he’s been here another year, let’s put his pay up’,” he said.

Time for a policy such as this in New Zealand


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  • diabolos

    Just the basics of performance would do – like adopting the attitude that Parents are valuable and so are their children – that the teacher has a duty of care for the “Donations” being touted as Fees – being extorted from the parents to pay the inflated salaries of these people. I have seen at least one occasion of someone being told – “the childrens education is free – state funded… you havent paid anything for it” in connection with a request for a refund of Donations/Fees in recognition of poor performance by a school on a basis of principle after very poor treatment. Now – dont know about you – but if you are a taxpayer – the education is not free – they (Teachers and Schools) are funded by taxpayers.

    You pay the Donation/Fees – you pay for a Uniform (megabucks) – you are required to buy stationery to a school defined prerecquisite – you have to pay numerous other fees along the way – and if you are a taxpayer – you still pay. At the end of the day – what accountability do you ever get – i would argue very little unless your child happens through its exploits – to gain positive notoreity for the school in some way shape or form. Advice to parents – make certain your child is an academic or sporting star – and you will get whatever you want. If not – well – fuck you (sort of).

    Schools are like the legal profession or the worst aspects of any ‘profession’ – they look after their own and they cover their arses to the detriment of Parents and Children.

    Further advice to parents – scrimp, save, borrow and send your children private particularly at Secondary Level. At present there is absolutely no future with State Education unless you happen to have a degree of luck on your side.

    The state funded Education sector is sticking its index finger in the air at Kiwis. It is self governing and doesnt believe it owes anyone any level of accountability apart from what it alone deems to be so. it is not democratic and regularly abuses basic human and parental rights. It is overpaid and underworked while pretending to be a “suffering servant” for the betterment of mankind. These people live in a privileged world that is not the reality most of us have to live in.

    • notavictim

      Holy hell diabolos, something we can agree on! there is hope yet.

      • diabolos

        You may be surprised at quite how many areas i hold in common with most of you on here. I may only disagree with the means of achieving the same goals.

        Tolley doesnt have the answer with National Standards. She is trying to impose something that is a “bolt on” answer – even she is too scared to enact sweeping change. Tomorrows schools needs to be swept away – the self governing school needs to be repealed and complete MOE control reinstated. If there ever was an area where Government needs to be able to extend its influence – its in education. Its left up to BOT’s and Principals and Teachers and their neo-mediaeval fiefdom mentalities.

        Until Government and Tolley stop trying to bolt solutions onto a sick PC lesbian feminist controlled setup with old women of both sexes running it – and start enacting sweeping top to bottom change NOW – it will continue to be a standoff that Kids, parents and society all become the big losers. Like any good business – the customer is first – the customer is the Family, Parents and Kids – not fucking self serving namby fucking pamby fucking Teachers and their professional sensitivities. The rest of us have to grovel and compete and face the firing line every day – why not these endangered species called educationalists.

        In my opinion.

  • Doc

    OK, who the hell has hijacked diabolos’s user name?

    What I want to know is why, over the last couple of days, you have managed to post several posts which I agree with wholeheartedly.

    Tomorrow schools = monumental fuck-up
    BoT’s having the control they do = monumental fuck-up
    NCEA = right royal monumental fuck-up
    Government taking over full control…would it be any different?

    • diabolos

      Doc – no one has hijacked the username – it is me – the same old rabid socialist Che Guevara admiring boring bastard i always was. As i said before – i believe in many things that righties do – i just see different ways of achieving them.

      I dont take stances based on one eyed ideology (i hope) – i try to take stances based on right or wrong (which is influenced by my own values system – i admit).

      The Government is going to have to take control unfortunately to clean out the house. Then if necessary an SOE could be created with a commercially driven imperative coupled with a social mandate – once the deadwood has been vomited out to join the other poor bastards in the job lines -(then they can sample a bit of cold harsh reality perhaps).

      Big mistake this NACT government makes – is thinking the only problems we have are economic. I believe that to get a good economic landscape – it starts with a social and attitudinal approach. Life is lived and driven by people – not ideologies. Thats why education is a baseline for society. If thats sick – everything is. Our state education system is an anti-democratic self serving institution. The joke is – it isnt a state system – its a series of little PC communities being blindly funded by the taxpayer with no accountability.

  • thor42

    Especially well-said on the “no future with state education” thing, diabolos. Couldn’t agree more.
    I say “bring in education vouchers” so that parents can spend that money at the school of their choice (which in very many cases would be a private one).
    I’ve just done a quick search on the net, and have found these sites which show that vouchers work well –

    Have a look at this (from the third link above) –
    “We conducted an analysis to determine whether Edgewood’s public schools have been improving or declining since the creation of the voucher program. We compared the year-to-year changes in Edgewood’s performance with those of other Texas school districts, controlling for factors such as race and income.”
    “We found that Edgewood started producing outstanding academic improvements after the voucher program was created. What had long been an extremely troubled school district began to outperform 85 percent of Texas school districts given their demographic characteristics. That may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t. Nationwide, there is a large body of research finding that public schools exposed to vouchers make superior test score gains, including four independent studies in Florida, two in Milwaukee, and one each in Maine and Vermont.”
    A quote from the above site –
    “Here’s a quote about adoption of a voucher system in Sweden:
    The result has been burgeoning variety and a breakneck expansion of the private sector. At the time of the reforms only around 1% of Swedish students were educated privately; now 10% are, and growth in private schooling continues unabated.”

    So – pull your finger out of your arse, Tolley, and BRING IN VOUCHERS.