Phil Goff's Litmus Test

Phil Goff has consistently said he believes he is the best person to lead the Labour Party.

This got me thinking.

At what point in the polls does Phil start thinking he isn’t the best person to lead the Labour Party? Is it 25%? Or 24% or would he go for some totally random number like 20.93%?


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  • thor42

    Ahhhhh……. nothing makes me happier than viewing the downward slope of a Labour party poll graph.

  • Monty

    love the line by one of Goff’s own on a poll before this (as per the daily whaleoil video

    “Its depressing and dead man’s territory”

    Goff is nicely on track to beat Billy shameful record. Thank you Goff.

  • Liberty

    So when was the last date Labour was ahead of national in the Polls?
    2005 election. But that date doesn’t count. After the Interest free student loan bribe and stealing of the $800,000.
    Phil in Goff claims he is going to close the cap in two months.
    He is deluded.