Photo of the Day


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  • diabolos

    Trains – an efficient means of conveyance

  • Orange

    Makes it look like a toy train set!

    • diabolos

      You are right – i thought it was a pic of a toy set at first.

      Cam is messing with our minds .. neo liberal bastard!

  • How did you get a picture of the inside of Lens shed?

  • Sym Gardiner

    The one at the back under the motorway on the left is still in it’s shipping plastic. Just like the LAVs, too many trains, not enough drivers. That said, they are a lot nicer than the old 1940s era units they are replacing.

  • sthnjeff

    Ahhh look at all those lovely Wellington Trains….. Perhaps Cam, you should copy the photo to Looney Len.. It would be like a wet dream for him…. Hardcore Porn even…