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Cunners gets a good slap from Bill English


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  • RamjamNZ

    Anyone else think English’s overall performance in QT today was his best in a long time?

    • diabolos

      The silence is deafening …


  • diabolos

    Not a good slap – more like a very limp exchange on his part.

    I think Cunliffe delivered more than what he got from English.

    You cant rewrite history – and there is a limit to the spin that can be put on actual happenings in space and time…

    • Doc

      Like Rogernomics?

  • NX

    English delivers a reassembly solid performance in the house on a consistence bases.

    You wouldn’t describe him as exciting, but seems to have a good grasp of the facts.

    As far as slap downs go – both Key & English don’t hold a candle to Clark’n Cullen – the masters of nasty. But this is a good thing.

  • Troy

    Cunliffe is a snooty-nosed brat who is about as smarmy as they get. The droning of his voice when he tries to place emphasis on his words always seems to come across as descending and omnipotent all at the same time. Actually once Goff is gone I hope they put up Cunliffe as their leader coz he’s almost a mirror image of Goff but with the extra added silver spoon in his gob therefore 2014 would head National’s way again. Hardly an average down to earth bloke IMHO.

    • NX


      I use to think Cunliffe would be a real threat to National, but somehow being in opposition seems to have made him more arrogant.

      However “descending and omnipotent” are the typical hallmarks of leftie leaders.

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