Politician of the Week – Julie Hardaker

Julie Hardaker is copping flak from people who like to spend other peoples money, she is standing strong:

Ms Hardaker urged councillors not to back down from the first of 22 areas in which they have committed to save $14.5 million in the next three years.

“Get real people,” she said. “Don’t falter … I’m imploring you to stick to the game plan or the community won’t thank us.”

She said it was time for the council to cease being the only provider of community services and grants and and to work alongside other agencies.

Pity Len Brown can’t do the same with Auckland’s out of control spending.


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  • thor42

    Good call.

    Good on Hardaker for doing this. For the last forty-odd years, far too many people in this country have been expecting more and more and more spending. More and more to be just given to them on a plate.
    When, exactly, was it that “financial responsibility”, “self-sufficiency” and “independence” became something to be ashamed of?
    When was it that spending up large and dependence on others became something to be PROUD of?