Poorly behaving MPs

Another Vote for Change video.


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  • Scanner

    How much more of this shit must we put up with?
    This fat slapper should have been thrown out into the street, sadly this is what we have come expect from MMP, the only list most of these dunderheads should be on is the Darwin List.

  • Agent BallSack

    NZ has real politicians? Hah *cough* recovers from bout of laughing.

    Was it Douglas Adams who said those who want to lead, shouldnt? or paraphrased it somewhere…when Trillian and Dent met the ruler of the universe springs to mind.

    Its obvious something is direly wrong with parliament when they require more admonishment and chiding than my 2 children, opposite sexes and 5 years between them.
    I know I will be ticking ‘Referendum’ come November.

  • Sepuloni’s petulant and arrogant behaviour in this clip was amongst the worst that has has occurred during the term of the current Parliament. Her apology was clearly insincere, and she should count herself very lucky that she wasn’t named as Lockwood Smith threatened.

    Meanwhile, Phil Goff calls National’s list “lacklustre”; has he looked around him? Pot; meet kettle.

  • Cadwallader

    First time I have ever seen her. What a pumped up self-important oxygen thief. I estimate her IQ to be about 85 in the shade. What IQ she may possess will have been panel-beaten into mod-PC speak. I expect she is Labour’s spokesperson on drive-through dietary habits.

  • jabba

    Smith made a mistake in my opinion. He should have kicked her out when she said that she would rather leave the house than say sssssssssorry

  • Dion
  • DangerMice

    forgive my ignorance, but was does “being named” actually mean?

  • Troy

    Naming is one of the more serious offences to be committed in the debating chamber and although Lockwood-Smith hasn’t named anyone (Mallard was close), this fat cow’s defiance would have more than justified it – her body language certainly showed contempt and why anyone would want to vote for her after that kind of performance would be astounding. What’s even more astounding is that she at the beginning didn’t really think she had done anything wrong. It demonstrates her level of intelligence – stupid dumb-ass bitch and she should be tossed (would need a crane) at all costs.

    From Standing Orders:

    The Speaker may name any member whose conduct is grossly disorderly and call on the House to judge the conduct of the member.

    The House can actually suspend her for however long they deem fit. If the Speaker had asked her to leave the chamber but she refused, she could actually be suspended from the House for the remainder of the calendar year (which means no right to exercise votes).

    This dumbass bitch didn’t know which way was up in the situ she was being confronted with – intelligence of pea.