Power capitulates

Good. Simon Power has had to capitulate over his attempts to remove the right to silence.

Justice Minister Simon Power has raised the white flag on his controversial criminal justice reforms, committing to preserving the right to silence and substantially watering down other aspects to pass the bill with cross-party support.

The concessions – which include compromises with the Labour Party on the rules around jury trials, having a trial proceed in the absence of the accused, and the ability of the court to impose fines – follow a week of intense and fast-moving negotiations with several parties.



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    Nice to see Simple Simon take one in the chuff just as he heads out the door.
    Whale must take some of the credit for this, we came very close to losing one of our basic rights in law, and whilst it will only ever effect a small number of people, it is certainly the thin end of a very dangerous wedge.
    Power must rate as one of the slipperiest MP’s to dangle his trotters in the trough, and should lose the Hon and be given the title of “Ankle Simon Power” , an ankle being 3 ft lower than an arsehole.
    The other sad things about this whole fiasco was two LIST Mp’s crossing the floor AGAINST the party direction to vote in favour of this bill, talk about biting the hand that feeds you, this makes a total mockery of MMP, and the almost complete absence of the opposition on this one, they are seemingly more interested in personal attacks, propping up a corpse.

  • Thank goodness for MMP, Whale?

    With SM, FPP or PV, National could have done this with their own votes weeks ago!