Random Impertinent Question?

Did anybody in the Mayor’s office know, when the Council issued its instructions to Auckland Central candidates not to put up hoardings on public sites near the fan walk, that Jacinda was planning to do exactly that?

It appears that Jacinda Ardern and indeed Labour in general have decided that their own self interest comes before that of the law, local or national, and against all advice proffered by officials in Auckland City.

The silence from the mayor’s office is deafening.




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  • Just seen a comment on Twitter suggesting that the Aucklnad council is taking down billboards that have been the subject of complaints, and that the “owners” will be billed for the cost and for storage. Bloody good show too!

  • Jake n Sence

    I am pleased to announce the signs in Greenhithe Rd/Tauhinu Rd are now horizontal.

  • Whafe

    Jacinda = Naughty girl

    Are we at all surprised though? No not at all, this is typical holier than all Labour behavior…..

    Slam them or anyone doing this sort of under belly stuff

  • peterwn

    7 free standing hoardings for a gang in 2 hours! They must be on the wacky backy if they think they will get that sort of roductivity. At 11pm they would surely be in breach of noise rules with all that banging (they said ‘bring a hammer’).

  • pdm

    Peterwen – maybye the `banging’ happening at 11pm is of a type that requires a bed not a hammer.

  • petal

    I hate to appear all chauvinistic on this, but that photo she is using on everything at the moment is off putting. I think it’s the direct confrontational gaze? I think they replaced a better photo and it’s a backward step. Someone who knows about this sort of thing probably knows she should have dropped one shoulder a little, or moves one back a little… the body language does count.

  • nigel

    there are also labour hoardings up in Papatotoe as well, they are for Shane Jones as well as Ross Robertson and the min wage $15

  • mike johnson

    From Farrar’s site:

    mike Johnson I got the email this morning so put your tinfoil hat back on and come up with a better conspiracy.

    Cam, I can’t reply to you on Farrar’s site as I was so close to the bone, he just deleted me as a commenter. Not even demerits. I am a polite Nat-voting guy of three decades, but I get deleted because Farrar could see I had exposed him.

    No tinfoil hat with me, mate.

    Keep up the good work

    • You didn’t expose him you told a lie that only I could disprove. I have now done that. We both blogged about mckelvie after John pagani said we wouldn’t. Is he also involved in the conspiracy?

    • Hagues

      “Cam, I can’t reply to you on Farrar’s site as I was so close to the bone, he just deleted me as a com­menter.”

      It wasn’t cause you are a blatant troll who just makes shit up???

    • Seeing as you can’t respond to my comment at Farrar’s now Mike, I’m sure that WO won’t mind me re-posting it here:

      Inventory2 (6,783) Says:
      September 25th, 2011 at 6:33 pm

      Yeah Mike; WO got the e-mail; from me, here in Wanganui and far from any Winnebago or Blogmobile. I got the link from Facebook; from a Facebook friend who linked to the 3News Page. So much for your “evidence”!

      Leave Conspiracy 101 to Winston Peters and Andrew Williams :-)

      Sorry Mike, but your “evidence” is bollocks, apart from the fact that the members of the VRWC are adept at using social media to communicate with one another. WO and I blogged about Jacinda within minutes of each other this morning after I gave him the heads-up.

  • AJ

    See little point taking down signs that will be legal in 5 hours. Just a waste of taxpayers money. Give them a fine and move on.

    Every time I see her I can’t help why doesn’t she get her bloody teeth fixed ? She’s goofy as.

  • lordmontrose

    It’s all the Auckland Council’s fault for not putting on their website the date and time when billboards are allowed to be erected. People have been asking and discussing for around a month when that date and time might be.
    And in the past the Council have ignored complaints about illegal billboards, e.g. the around 50 illegal billboards put up for Rodney Hide in Epsom the day before the last election, of which I have photos. The Council said that Rodney has been very naughty and they will have them removed. But they did not remove them.