Redefining Genocide

Often when blogging things pop up almost automagically that has parallels to what it was that you are blogging about.

The other day treor Mallard made an offensive comment comparing John Key with fascists. Then on Andrew Sullivan today there is a post about the hypocrisy of the left on things like totalitarian genocidal tendencies.

Norm Geras comments:

It’s often asked why being an apologist for Nazism puts the person who is that beyond the pale of respectable opinion, so to speak, whereas doing the same for Stalinism, while widely regarded as a bad choice, still falls inside the boundary of respectability. Might this differentiation cease to be as sharp once the meaning of genocide is extended so that it encompasses every ‘mass elimination of a group based on its collective identity’?

I would hope so. The double standards, perpetuated by ageing lefties, are repellent. And next time you see a freshman in a CCCP t-shirt, ask him why he doesn’t wear a swastika. You know: ironically.


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  • Michael

    Ernesto Guevara – Argentine national who fought in Cuban civil war, gaining a reputation as a womaniser (“Che” being a nickname recognising his many female companions) then authorising mass extra-judicial executions when his rebel band won.

    Then renounced his newly give Cuban nationality to fight in unsucessful civil wars in Congo and Bolivia. When surrounded and captured by Bolivian army he pleaded for his life and was ironically summarily executed as an illegal combatant (and therefore not subject to protection under civil law or the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners) the following day.

  • Kenzie

    What a breathtakingly incompetent sentence to begin this article with. Please take the trouble to construct something approximating sentences. Chopped language just makes it harder to ‘keep up’ with your gloating nonsense.

  • diabolos

    Agreed – it has to be applied broadly – really good point.

    Some hopefully factual background to Che Guevara …

    There was a lot written about him that apparently was some truth mixed in with a lot of disinformation put about by the CIA

  • thor42

    One of the worst (if not the very worst) examples of genocide was the genocide committed by the Muslim invaders of India.
    Of those, a guy called Timur the Lame was one of the most ruthless.
    A couple of quotes –

    “In a short space of time all the people in the [Delhi] fort were put to the sword, and in the course of one hour the heads of 10,000 infidels were cut off. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels, and all the goods and effects, the treasure and the grain which for many a long year had been stored in the fort became the spoil of my soldiers.”

    A bit further on, we see this –
    “One hundred thousand infidels, impious idolators, were on that day slain.”

    “Will Durant argued in his 1935 book The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage (page 459):
    “The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period.”

    Here’s a site about the Islamic atrocities against India –