Reject National Standars

Stuart Nash is gloating about a meeting in Napier, he found the time in between updating his CV and attending his daughter’s play at school to write a blog post at Red Alert.

During the meeting Key was grilled by unhappy teachers and grumpy constituents, and copped an earful from Steiner staff who have been treated very poorly by Mrs Tolley. He then left via the side door.

Here is a photo of one of those unhappy teachers opposing of all things “National Standars”.


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  • skyver

    Says it all really.

  • Chris

    That was not my favorite placard of the night, there was a “Generic Political Slogan” one in there somewhere as well…

    To be honest Cam, the most disappointing thing about that public meeting was not that Tremain and Foss could only round up twice as many people to “Meet the PM” in the whole of Hawke’s Bay as we had protesting outside, nor the ironically poor spelling on some of the protest material, but the fact that Mr Key was too scared to walk through the front doors of the venue and chose to avoid us and nip in the back door. The most vocal group there were a bunch of ECE teachers singing kindergarten waiata (hardly the hard hitting political discourse I am used to from the UK – surely he could have fronted up to that?)

    • HARD1

      So , it is disappointing that the New Zealand Prime Minister takes sensible security advice to avoid getting knifed by some whack job , and that makes The Hon. Mr John Key scared ?
      Those of us who are busy with work and life meet John Key every day through his gradual , thoughtful and thorough cleaning up of the mess left behind by Helen Clark and her right-hand woman .

  • Frank

    Why would John Key want to go anywhere near these unionised Labour drones… They are there to protest, cause a scene and wouldn’t listen to anything Mr Key said anyway.

  • Mark

    Those that cant do teach – its amazing any children every get a decent education under the current system.

    • Gazzaw

      Mark, you’re wrong. There are thousands of great teachers out there, the vast majority of whom are not union members. You don’t hear too much about or from these teachers. They are the ones who routinely put in 50-60 hours a week,
      spend a lot of holiday time doing prep work and get involved in their kids’ sports & social activities. National Standards has been accepted by them as an extension of the excellent reporting procedures that they already practised. They don’t moan, they don’t complain and they are bloody good people.

      I don’t deny that there is a small, vocal proportion of teachers who are totally inadequate in their roles. They are disillusioned and often just marking time until retirement. They aren’t equipped to do anything else with their lives & why would they? Life is pretty cushy if you are happy to just mark time. National Standards threatens them & will ultimately expose their weaknesses – as a result they back the union.

      Next move for Tolley or her successor? The beginnings of a performance pay structure.

    • Those who generalise…

  • uptownbob

    the thing that gets up my nose about teachers is that they somehow think they occupy a space seperate from the job requirements of the rest of new zealanders as we go about our different occupations.
    they bleat about wanting more consultation , trial periods and all the usual piffle you’d expect from old Labour social engineering emanating out of Helengrad.
    National were voted in by us to do a job and are extremely popular so Johnny key can’t be all bad.
    Why can’t teachers just come to terms with the fact that they’re not special or the arbiters of all children’s futures.
    They’re public servants effectively…so just get on with the Nat. Standards and bleat later if they don’t work out…after all NCEA has bred a whole generation of floppy teenagers who don’t understand the meaning of consequence so it can’t be much worse!!??

    • diabolos

      And the rest of us – bloggers included are such a great example? You only have to read most blogs to get a good lesson in not really giving a flying you know what about consequences.

      Tomorrows schools effectively sold our children to the system masquerading as self governing entities run by ass covering Boards of Trustees. Yes – tomorrows schools was a Lange/douglas era thing and i have an undying hatred for that Labour administration as a result.

      Tolley is no better – we’ve now got a dysfunctional education system that wont be fixed by stupid politicking. Tolley and her standards dont have the answer – she and her cohorts cant even correctly communicate them either to their constituency or the general public.

      The whole system needs re-jigging – not bloody bandaid solutions like standards. It needs a rethink. Parents for a start (depending on their status in society) are disenfranchised in the eyes of their own kids by the structure of school governance and Management – particularly at Secondary Level. Dont entirely blame the teachers – you put shit in – you get shit out. Just like the economy.

  • Gazzaw

    Nuff said. She would hardly support performance pay either would she?

  • Scanner

    And these are the people that actually teach our children, it kind of says it all doesn’t it.
    Thick as a bucket full of hammers.

  • Apolonia

    Did those “vote Labour” stop-signs have promoter statements on them?

  • Richard McGrath

    Is that guy next to the illiterate protestor holding up one of those Labour Party stop signs?

  • Ianmac

    That was a parent-made poster. Imagine pin-pricking over a spelling mistake and ignore the lack of response for Mr Smile and Wave. Typical!

    • Their child clearly has no hope at all if their parent is advocating against National Standards yet fail the most basic of elementary spelling.

      Worse, Labour lickspittles like you justify and explain it away. You’re pathetic, no wonder your party is 25% in the polls.

      • diabolos

        I wonder how many pollies have to use a spellchecker with their work? On both sides of the house? The person may well have simply been bad at spelling. I note that many people including bloggers get keystrokes wrong and the word ‘the’ becomes “teh” … maybe it shows maori blood or summit. Usually the more stressed – the worse the keyboard spelling becomes – almost dyslexic.

        Im the first to be critical of teachers – but i got a reminder over the weekend that there are many fine teachers. On i think “Waka Huia” on One they had a profile of a young Maori lad from an abusive single parent home – who on his own initiative after going through a suicidal period of time, enrolled at Aranui High School in Christchurch as they had a reputation for a good curriculum and a good League Team (the boy is a sportsman). A Pakeha Teacher who teaches Drama at Aranui was profiled – he took the lad under his wing. The lad is now representing NZ at an international Shakespeare Festival performing at the Globe Theatre in London.

        He said “Mr (i cant remember the mans name) saved my life – if it werent for him i wouldnt be here today … or achieving this…” The Teacher – in February, lost his adult Son in one of the collapsed buildings in Christchurch.

        I just think sometimes – we all need to take a step back from politics and prejudices and take a deep breath. The programme reduced me to tears. After viewing “the nation” and “Q and A” and hearing the negative crock of crap dished up by perhaps the worst set of panels ever assembled – it was a breath of fresh air to hear something really nice and really good.

        Maybe goodness and all the nice stuff has something going for it – far more so than nasty pointscoring. The pollies and their supporters should take their polls and perhaps insert them in whatever orifice is causing everyone else such grief.

  • LET (bad) TEACHERS TEACH (poorly, while not risking being REJECTed by) NATIONAL STANDARDS.

    never mind the kids, eh?

  • Deb

    What else needs to be said!

  • Jason

    That’s a poor photoshop!

    • Except it is a scan of a newspaper so it isn’t. Dick!

  • thor42

    I have NEVER seen these teachers answer one simple question –
    “Why is it such an awful, horrible thing to ensure that little Johnny measures up to a (pitifully weak) minimal national standard of reading and writing?”
    I think that the teachers’ answer would be something like “we can do this ourselves.” Bullshit.
    The teachers have had decades in which to ensure that our children have an excellent education. The fact that 20% of children here can’t read or write tells me that they (the teachers) have failed.
    Why is it that these SELFISH teachers insist that their own little comfy corner of the world remains untouched while everyone else has to face up to the real world?
    Why is it that Tolley seems to have gone “missing in action” instead of demolishing the teacher unions?

  • Brent

    It is clear there are quite a few people who have never spent time in schools commenting here. Most teachers don’t even bother looking at this forum because they are too busy teaching planning and preparing. Most don’t protest or make a stand because they work too hard. It shows some people have no ability to do their own research. The government lied about how many kids are failing. They have a very good propaganda machine, evidenced by many of these comments.

    • Gazzaw

      Brent, take a look a my earlier post to Mark. I would like to think that I have taken a balanced stand on this and I wholeheartedly agree with you about the workload of the majority of teachers but you must admit that the unions have more than their fair share of teachers who will either never make the grade or have never made it and are hanging out for retirement. You know as well as I do that jobs are harder to come by in high decile schools and it is often the case that ill equipped teachers end up in front of difficult classrooms. National Standards is a challenge for them because it represents extra reporting for which they have little time or previous experience. It is largely that minority of teachers that need and support the unions.

      As for the government propaganda machine – yes it is a good one but I would venture to say it is nowhere near as good as the unions.

    • Hard1

      “Most teach­ers don’t even bother look­ing at this forum because they are too busy teach­ing plan­ning and prepar­ing.”
      What a stupid comment . Idiocy is what what happens when you don’t go to school , Bro’.
      Most teach­ers don’t even bother look­ing at this forum because they are too busy driving home , having dinner , being with the family and friends , getting mildly high , etc. , like most other people . If they did read this forum , they would learn something .
      ” It shows some peo­ple have no abil­ity to do their own research.”
      What does ? Your belief that teachers are automatons ?

      • Hard1

        Unless of course you meant that teachers can browse the internet at work ?.
        That can’t be right .

  • jennifer tooseman

    Scary for “Unca John” that they got so few supporters in a 1000 seat hall! How embarrassing! Winston could have rustled up more than that!!!

    • Gazzaw

      I wonder exactly how many would have turned up for Goofy, Jennifer. Check the polls before making smart ass comments.

      • Jennifer Tooseman

        The only true poll is election day. I’m smelling a change in the media in the last 2 weeks. If National are really as popular as they think they are, how come they misjudged the size of their supporter audience in Napier so badly? Less than 100 genuine National supporters into 1000 seats – wow -10 seats each. They must all be bigger than Gerry Brownlee!!

  • Gazzaw

    I don’t know what media you’re smelling Jennifer – Red Alert maybe?