Repeater Alert

David Farrar is so mainstream media these days that he doesn’t even realise he is now becoming a repeater.

His latest Stuff post talks about the Greens and their blatant astroturfing but fails in the entire article which extensively links to his own posts that reference my post that broke the story where it all came from.

Definite red card offense.

David needs to remember his roots.


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  • Cactus Kate

    David has enough manners to remember his roots. All of them.

    • The only thing he doesn’t tweet or blog about.

      • michaels

        As CK says, he has manners.
        Or….. nothing to say…… keep quiet.

      • Cactus Kate

        Mind out of gutter WO. I didn’t mean that at all.

  • What’s to remember?

    His next one will be his first.

    • James

      Red….heh! ;-)

  • diabolos

    Care to elaborate on his roots at all …

  • alex

    How funny that this post is just above one titled “Focussing on the things that matter”

    • Chris

      That’s okay – it’s just a mental health break.

  • Brainiac 13

    He is normally good at referencing you in his blog. Maybe his Stuff paymasters wouldn’t let him?

  • MrV

    Time to update the media rating system …

  • Alex

    Have to admit to being in hysterics reading the comments to David’s column. Just after pointing out the Green’s latest tactics, a whole army of Green drones start posting comments and proving the very point of the column.

  • Rusty Kane

    To be fair there’s not much politically for him to cut & paste while the RWC is on,
    and off course most daily bloggers have trouble remembering their roots.