Ridge: I wouldn't vote Labour anyway

Matthew Ridge may well get himself prosecuted.

Former rugby and rugby league star Matthew Ridge could face prosecution and a fine of up to $10,000 for advertising his Greenlane car wash company with a mock election advertisement.

The billboard features a picture of Ridge, an All Black who later captained the Kiwis, and uses a play on words to promote the hand-washing car service: “Say no to Labour – We’ll hand wash your car for $15”.

Ridge says it’s just a play on words and he isn’t standing for Parliament.

But Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden says it meets the definition of an election advertisement under the Electoral Act and must have a promoter statement. The Electoral Commission also wants to know whether the advertising campaign will run to more than $12,000 because if it does, the promoter of the ad would have to register as a third party.

I like his retort though:

Ridge said yesterday the ad was just a parody. “It’s just a bit of fun. I think anybody that’s got half a brain will see that ‘hey look, it’s tongue-in-cheek’.”

He said it wasn’t meant to be “Don’t vote for Labour” though he added that if it doubled as that he would be quite happy “because I wouldn’t vote for Labour anyway”.

Is there anyone who likes Labour?


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  • alex

    Can’t say I like Labour much, but at least they aren’t planning to violate our civil liberties like National is with the retrospective law change to allow police surveillance. As someone else put it, it goes against pretty much everything National is supposed to stand for.

    • Pete

      Have you forgotten the ETS which trampled democratic rights in an election year? Makes plugging a gap so that police can deal with offenders seem like kindergarten stuff, and even Labour agrees this has to be done. Or, what about the retrospective legislation to legitimize the $800k theft of taxpayers money?

    • diabolos

      They are all retrospective in their outlook guys … what they need to do is focus on whats good for people – put people at the centre of their paradigm.

  • kevin

    ….looks around….. no.

    ‘They’ should hire Ridges ad agency.

  • First Sir Butch, and now Ridgey; when even the Rugby League community deserts Labour, the writing is on the wall. Bill English’s record is definitely under threat.

  • rouppe

    All he had to do was spell “labour” instead of “Labour”. The pun would still be there but no-one could accuse him of referring to the political party…

  • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

    Given that Labour have been playing fast and free with electoral laws around the issue of authorising statements and funding sources/limits, and has (repeatidly) claimed it was a(nother) mistake, any lefty who gets all self-righeous about Ridge’s lack of authorisation statement is being quite hypocritical.

  • diabolos

    matthew ridge is living proof that being a sporting star is no guarantee of intellect, commonsense or ability of any sort. Sort of like a penis with legs but no guiding intelligence.

    Good Luck to him. I dont know why anyone would be upset by his advertising. If anything i would be inclined to let that associative power of that statement from a man who is seemingly sort of a media whore … is in Labours favour? And by the way the upset party isnt labour or any identified “lefty” but instead the chief electoral officer. Cam has split hairs on the same basis with other parties. So no hypocrisy is evident – just political expediency. Personally i’d let ridgey go for it – he always has ended up shooting himself or his creditors in the foot previously. Why stop a good thing.

    Good on ya ridgey … go for it mate…

  • John Q Public

    He clearly did it on purpose for publicity. And he got onto page 2 of the Royal NZ Herald this morning. They charge $20K a page there don’t they? All worked out.