Roy Morgan devastation for Labour

The latest Roy Morgan poll is out:

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for Prime Minister John Key’s National-led Government is virtually unchanged at 61.5% (up 5.5%). Support for Key’s National Party is 57% (up 5% – the highest since October 2009), ACT NZ 1.5% (down 0.5%), the Maori Party 2.5% (up 1%), and United Future 0.5% (unchanged).

Support for Opposition Parties is at 38.5% (down 5.5%) — Labour Party 26% (down 3.5% – the lowest since March 2009), Greens 7.5% (down 1.5%), New Zealand First 3.5% (unchanged), Mana Party 1% (unchanged) and Others 0.5% (down 0.5%).

If a National Election were held today the National Party would easily be returned to Government.

Time for loyal Labour MPs to seriously do something about the inept leadership of Phil Goff and the equally inept campaign manager Trevor Mallard.

At 26% Carol Beaumont, Kelvin Davis, Carmel Sepuloni, Rick Barker and Stuart Nash would all be out of parliament and Goff staffer Deborah Mahuta-Coyle fails to make it off the list.

Tomorrow I will look at vulnerable electorate seats if Labour polls at the same level. If memory serves me right Hutt South is now vulnerable.


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  • reid

    I wonder what Phil’s thinking about round about now?


    Perhaps if he tried to be a less smarmy, spiteful little man as I believe he is, in private, none of those things, his personal ratings wouldn’t be tanking quite so much.

    The fact he has never tried his true persona out in the public arena, speaks volumes about the ineptitude of a man who pretends he’s a leader. Newsflash Phil hence Liarbore: most people don’t willingly chose to follow petty spiteful little men, hence your ratings.

    How many more ways can one put it?

  • jabba

    Goff must stay for the sake of our counrty

    • thor42

      Agreed! :)
      Goof – the “gift that keeps on giving…..” ;)

  • Chris

    Yes, it’s pretty clear Goff isn’t himself in public and is always putting on an act of some sort, not that I’ve met him. Maybe if he had just been himself people would’ve respected him? Don’t know, but what I do know is that he’s a goneburger.

    • thor42

      Very true. He ALWAYS comes across as scripted. Add to that the fact that he (and the whole Liarbore party) is an opportunist, tax-thieving liar and its no wonder people see Labour as being about as appetising as a fish sandwich left in the sun for a month.

  • Arnie

    Hell Labour is getting down near the margin of error, mind you most of their last 18 months have been a succession of errors.

  • Apolonia

    Phil Goff has been in Labour since 1969, one day he may deliver!!!

  • monty

    This poll is so bad for Labour that even those of us on the right must be soon calling these poll rogue

    can Labour be that bad?

    ha ha ha ha

    Perfect night !

  • Pity about Davis & Nash. Good riddance to the other three particularly Beaumont. Good to see the Greens drop as it would not have been good to see them pick up labours lost percentage. Interesting to see what page the NZ Herald consigns this little gem to and whether it gets a mention on TV One tomorrow.

    Looking forward to hearing about Hutt South, won’t do Trev’s disposition much good if he only makes it in as a scum list MP.

    Cam, you know the internal dynamics (if I can use that word) of the labour caucus. How would the loss of these five MPs affect the internal power struggle in terms of numbers.

  • Gazzaw

    Calling diabolos. Come in diabolos. Hullo. Are you there?

    • diabolos

      Gazzaw matey … im watching – intently and with interest.

      I’ll let the froth and bubble settle first mate. Its important never to bother people too much when they are having an orgasm – or precipitately wake sleepwalkers. Just use the tissues – clean up after yourselves.

      Its nice to be thought of though.

  • Chris

    You’re right about those MPs Gazzaw, including about Davis and Nash. Those other idiots are pure filth. Regardless though, still ain’t no leader among them. My advice though would be to tap David Shearer. He might just have what it takes. Cunliffe, Parker, Little and even Jones are seen as just too much part of the problem to be seriously considered. Heck, we’ll be lumping them in King, Goff, Dyson and Mallard pretty shortly, and you know what that means. David Shearer though, just may be a different story.

  • TitanUranus

    John Key even got a cheer as he walked on to the pitch before game last night,if that `aint the death knell for Labore ,I don`t know what is.

  • Cadwallader

    This is simply wonderful. I cannot imagine Labour falling further though…if they do I’ll be ecstatic.

  • Michael

    National winning Hutt South would be the dream of dreams. Trevor Mallard would fuck off – Paul Quinn might last only one term in the seat and then it’ll be Chris Hipkins, but that’s a massive improvement on Mallard.

  • Please don’t get me wrong – I think it’s fantastic that the gaggle has fallen so low in the public esteem. It would brilliant if the other team were a principled bunch, but the fact is they’re not. Labour being as weak as water has allowed Key to establish the most let-wing National party government in New Zealand’s history. Arguably at a time when New Zealand needed a Richardson or a Douglas as Finance Minister, we get Mr 22%. When we needed someone principled to unravel the Emissions Trading Scam, we get a nutcase who worships at the alter of the ManBearPig. When we needed someone to put the Corporate IWI back the fuck in their box, we get a corrupt POS who does more than any politician in history to advance their cause.

    John Key is not New Zealand’s most popular PM because he’s that damn good; it’s because New Zealand is, to all intents and purposes, a one-party state. I for one long fo the day when HM Loyal Opposition is capable of actually, you know, opposing some damn thing.

    • diabolos

      I’ll break my vow to let the heaving “aspiring to lordship but not quite there but wish they were so they blog” overclass have a while to spurt its lifejuices all over the blog for a while – to acknowledge this comment from GG.

      Only comment on this thread that has any sense of purpose or close to a statement of the truth of the matter in it. While im not certain what a manbearpig is – sounds a little dodgy – GG has it right.

      I dont agree with all GG’s solutions – we dont want trampoline bouncing amazons back in control shifting knobs and levers with glee and without a plan – nor do we want Douglas and his acolytes back (well i dont – some do) ..Key is as Hitler described him in the video (see link below) – a “grinning idiot”. But what i think (and i hear the chorus of groans, expletives, “fuckoff diabolos” and pillows being pulled over heads already…) is that the nature of the left is changing – and that the polls and commentators are seriously underestimating and misreading public opinion at present. You wait and see. You only have to sit in a local pub, cossie club, RSA etc to hear what people really think. Thats what the polls dont tell you.

      Ganttguy – you are a legend mate – i have major disagreement with your solutions and some of your summary – but you are the only one that seems to make sense. Scary really.

      • Fucking terrifying! While we happen to agree that if the answer is John Key then we’re asking the wrong damn question, I suspect my solution (governments fuck up everything they touch so they should just get the fuck out of the way and let the market be truly free) is the point of divergence.

  • diabolos

    I forgot to put the link in of Hitler again (very funny and very true) but there are some other items that are sort of a pre-election reprise of the best of Key … thus far…. .

    Hitler(McCully) and Keitel (Key)

    Keys RWC Opening Speech – few Beers equals “trotie” (perhaps it was ‘trophy’ or ‘throatie’ said with an irish accent) – maybe he was just pissed – i dunno – do youse guys …

    And the John Key Prunciation guide …