Rugby World Cup this weekend


  • NZ v Japan 83 – 7. Sonny Bill Williams is a freak.


  • Argentina 43 v Romania 8. Southern Hemisphere dominance.
  • South Africa v Fiji – currently in play. I ahve to support teh country of my birth. Go Fiji! I suspect the Springboks will win easily though.
  • Australia v Ireland – 8.30 pm. I only support two teams. New Zealand and anyone playing Australia. Go Ireland.


  • Wales v Samoa – 3.30 pm. If Samoa can keep a cool head they could beat Wales. Fingers crossed
  • England v Georgia 6.00 pm. Same rules as for Australia. Go Georgia.
  • France vs Canada 8.30 pm. I hope that Canada dusts up France and gives them a nice hard game.

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  • thor42

    Yeah, some good games this weekend, and the ABs one last night was great to watch.
    Very much hoping that Ireland can play 500% better than they usually do, and burgle a win against the Aussies. That would likely mean that Aussie would play the Boks in the quarterfinals, assuming that the Boks get past Samoa.
    There will be a shitload of traveling for the southern teams next year, when Argentina joins what will then become the Four Nations. Hopefully the draw can be arranged so that (say) the ABs might have a game in Argentina, then have one in South Africa followed by one in Australia. They’d then stay at home and play each of the other three teams here.
    Given the huge distances involved, that would seem to be the best way to do things.

    • Gazzaw

      Well the Irish did it thor. What a game!

      Agree with you totally re team travelling for the Four Nations. Wouls be good to see them play two teams in Australia though one being the Western Force in Perth to reduce the effects of that horrible Jo’berg/Auckland flight.

  • John Q Public

    He was talking about the Tri (Quad?) Nations, not Super Rugby.

    There’s a pattern with RWC semis in that the previous champ loses their semi. England broke the chain last time , but that could just be the odd one out. That would see SAF lose to us after beating Australia in the quarter, and that’s the same hurt on Aust as we had last time. I like the karma of all that.