Serial whinger

Cicelia Holliday has got herself upset because she may have had the fingers pulled at her by Tau Henare. The tipline has been buzzing about this woman.

It seems she is a serial whinger and one of the mad cyclists rule the road mob.

She also whines to the local community board about traffic issues.

So it looks like CicElia Holliday is a westie whinger.

One thing I have checked is it appears she isn’t a member of the Labour party. I went through my copy of the membership records and donation records and she doesn’t appear.

I’m still going with the roid rage angle. Serial complainer and roid rage.


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  • Brian Smaller

    Perhaps Cecilia should remember that sign language is an official language in New Zealand. Perhaps Tau was just using a regional dialect.

  • orange

    “I reacted by quickly blaring my horn to draw attention to the fact that they had created a ‘near miss’,” she wrote to Mr Key.”

    This is the real problem. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to use your horn to indicate you are annoyed with someone. It is for the express purpose of warning to stop an event happening, not to indicate an event did not happen in the past. I think the stupid and irresponsible use of the car horn is the number one cause of road rage and in most cases it is also used instead of driving defensively. Someone pulls in front of you? The correct reaction is not blowing the horn, it is slowing down, backing off, and giving space.

    She admits in writing her action. Police should give her a warning and explain correct use of the horn.

    • Mr Blobby

      Not Likely a wannabee third rate Politian looking for some exposure, a telling off from the Police would just had more exposure, that rag the herald would turn it into a feature. If they used less ink it might make a 3rd grade toilet paper.

  • potandkettle

    Leave the poor woman alone. She’s already fessed up to being a Nat supporter. That meathead Henare behaves like an entitled prick. He doesn’t deserve protection.

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  • diabolos

    Be honest – if you saw any politician doing that – wouldnt you want to retaliate. Which she did.

    No need to seek to dismantle the womans life in the public eye just for political gain? Henare is a pollie – he takes on all the risks that job entails and he’s old enough to know the score.

    How many of us have ridden the horn on our vehicle when someone does something dumb. The room goes silent.

    Best thing Henare can do is apologise – and say hey – sorry about that. He should probably have done that at the time but he chose not to.

    Bloggers make a lifestyle out of whinging – so what stops the general public from indulging also … its all a matter of perspective i tend to think.

    • Richard

      Agree with you. Flipping the finger is an invitation to be smacked, especially coming from a token seat warmer.

    • Joh N

      Oh.. I’ve ridden the horn loud and often… generally while some useless so-called driver like this woman sits in front of me at twenty k’s under the speed target. Apparently she was driving a ‘tall SUV’.. presumably a RAV-4, the good old jacked-up, less spacious, more dangerous, heavier Corolla? Fits the profile.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Stupid Cow! What sort of response did you think you were going to get from a Maori bloke in West Auckland? I speculate that if it wasn’t Tau behind the wheel she wouldn’t have opened her big gob at the lights and probably wished she hadn’t blasted her horn after all. Westie street smarts tell us not to react this way or you might get hurt along with any passengers you have…Again, Stupid Cow…!

    • Cicelia

      Westie street “smarts”….hmmmm?

  • angus

    Henare must be so happy he has you around to heap abuse on people he cuts off in traffic.

  • Christopher Penk

    “Mrs Holliday then noticed the red Audi stationwagon carried Mr Henare’s name and photograph and the National Party logo.”

    A *red* car with National Party branding? Doesn’t quite sound right to me …
    … would be interesting to see if this detail of her account is correct. When the clock strikes 13 and all that.

  • Cicelia

    1. The two posts to the council were only queries
    2. I was bringing my daughter back from an interview at Avondale College for next year’s enrolment (the reason she was not at school). Here the deputy principal had just spoken to her about the policy the college has about respect for others, respect for property and respect for self.
    3. I was driving a very old, beat up nissan van (that I work very hard on a full time basis to keep on the road).
    4. I live in West Auckland and am not a “privileged Remuera mobile phone user” as has been suggested.
    5. Normally I cycle to and from work when I can (not that that makes me a “greenie” or Labour supporter I hope – just cannot afford the exorbitant travelling costs involved in travelling to Auckland Central every day to work).
    6. I do believe that people in leadership (like parents and politicians) are in positions of service to the people they lead, and should also set good examples.
    7. I simply filled in a form that the police supply to the general public when one notices someone driving badly. They then send a courteous letter to that driver.
    8. I felt Mr Key should know about the poor behaviour of the person he has chosen to represent his party in the Te Atatu area.
    9. I am not a racist ex-South African and people who know me can attest to the fact that I have darker skin than most people in NZ.
    10. I wanted to let everyone know that the people of NZ are upstanding citizens who deserve better treatment from elected politicians.

    Finally, I do apologies for tooting my horn, that was wrong.

    • diabolos

      Good for you Cicelia for stepping up to the plate. I think what was written about you was uncalled for.

      Dont apologise to these blogging judgemental burping and farting gits for tooting your horn. God knows they all blow enough useless hot air. You have nothing to apologise for.

      And unfortunately – Tau isnt elected – he is a list MP – but your complaint is still valid. Its election year – truth, honesty and any form of decency gets shot for the vermin it is regarded to be.

      Good on you.

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