Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

Things are getting a little heated for Max Dillon Coyle. Yesterday NewstalkZB picked up the story:

A Green candidate is in trouble with the party after his partner appeared in a newspaper feature saying she was going to vote Green this year instead of Labour.

Hamilton mother Melissa Campbell appeared in a feature in the Waikato Times about a struggling young family.

He partner is Max Coyle, who is standing in the Hamilton West electorate for the Greens.

The Waikato Times has since had to issue a clarification, saying the paper asked about any political links and she failed to tell them.

Green co-convener George Morrison says the party is talking to Mr Coyle and he understands the party expects a high standard.

She says Mr Coyle and his partner have given an assurance they did not deliberately mislead the media.

“Max is quite a young and new candidate so we think he’s got great enthusiasm but not much political experience and I think that’s just let him down in this situation.”

Now that is interesting. So Max is now directly contradicting the Waikato Times by saying he did no deliberately mislead the media. I call bullshit on that.

It may also have escaped Max’s notice but lying by omission is still lying.

It simply isn;t good enough for the Green party convener to make a blithe statement. It is time for Metiria Turei and Russel Norman to come out from behind their shield of sanctimony and front. After all they were happy to stand for photos with Max.

Max Dillon Coyle also seems to be suffering from a terrible malaise on his Facebook profile that sometimes besets embarrassing politicians…that of the disappearing photos. Especially those of him partying it up and drinking excessively in contradiction of the bleating made int eh Waikato Times article about how tough he and his missus are doing it. Definite sanitization of his profile is underway.


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  • Joe Jones

    The Greens being good socialists will no doubt believe that the end justifies the means. Besides, with all the lying about so called climate change this is no surprise, no surprise at all.

    • diabolos

      One thing the greens are not – socialists. They believe in imposed solutions using legislation whether we all like it or not. Good socialists usually should be pragmatic enough to clearly understand economic realities – like you cant afford ETS or carbon reduction regimes. Socialism is usually about placing people and their wellbeing and prosperity at the centre of any equation. Unfettered greens policies will lead to impoverishment and social ills of another kind entirely.

      They can stick their composting toilets where the sun dont shine.

      I admire Russel Norman – an intelligent guy. Its the broader policies of the greens that i am most suspicious of. No problem with caring for our environment – just it has to be realistic. People still have to live and pay their way.

  • notavitim

    FFS, first of all these watermelons cant decide who the leader is, now they have co-convenor’s? WTF?. No wonder they get called bat shit crazy loons, they cant even make a decision who the convenor is? really?? Just stop for a minute and imagine one of their meetings, they must go on for hours, no wonder they just end up passing round the bong and dancing round the campfire singing folk songs. FFS WE”RE paying for these fuckwits! Oh and by the way– Russell Norman, Keith Locke, Green Party, Max Dillon ‘no shame’ Coyle.

  • Zee

    I’m by no means a fan of Max or a Green Party supporter for that matter, but that last statement is a bit unfair. Photos from when he was single, a year or two off from being a father, and in full employment should not be seen as contradictory with the article. Circumstances change. While the disclosure of information is completely wrong and they should have known better, the story itself isn’t necessarily a lie. One of them is a student, one is a young mother, I can’t imagine they are in a good place financially.

    If he has removed photos, it would be because of interpretation and not because it is an accurate representation of his current lifestyle.