Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

The Greens are spinning that Max Dillon Coyle is just a young candidate who has made a minor mistake. Unfortunately information recieved via the tipline suggests otherwise.

It appears he is an integral part of the Greens campaign machine and running a co-ordinated Green campaign to dupe newspapers.

Below is an email that he’s sent out to Green activists via their new online activism website.

From: Max Coyle [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, 17 September 2011 XXXX p.m.
Subject: [YourDailyGreenmachineMission]: Todays Daily Mission: Write a letter to the Editor

New announcement in the Max’s Daily Green Machine Mission group:


One of the easiest ways for us to get good steady stream of Green presence in the media is when a good letter to the editor is published.

It’s always a great feeling when your letter is published!

Not only do you get the 3 stars for this mission but there’s also newspaper specific missions you can grab stars for too, check em out

Have a wonderful weekend machinists and a huge kia ora for all your work!

Even when they lie they cover themselves with the shield of sanctimony.


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  • Bunswalla

    Why is Max Coyle advocating we write on behalf of the Canberra Raiders? They’re out of the playoffs and they had a poor season, sure, but what with salary cap issues and the lack of decent league players in the Waikato, he’d be better off running a sausage sizzle, surely.

  • alex

    Whenever I want to read half-baked ill-informed tripe I make a visit to Whaleoil, and today I was pleasantly suprised to see Slater rabbiting on about a Green conspiracy to hoodwink newspapers into publishing Green letters. Heaven forbid individual supporters of political parties write letters to the editor advocating the policies of that party. As far as I’m concerned that is completely standard practice.

    Furthermore, duping newspapers is probably the only way Green voices will get heard. After all, its not like they are publishing anything substantial on the Greens, even though they are clearly the 3rd biggest party in New Zealand.

    • Kimbo

      Thanks for illustrating classic left wing dialectic morality, and the thinking and dissembling methods of people who utilise it, alex.

      As long as it furthers the outcome of weakening the ruling hegemony, no other morality applies. In fact, “getting the result we want” is the only morality that applies. So the ends justifies the means.

      Now don’t shout too loud, alex, or else the electorate will soon cotton on that the cuddly morally upstanding rhetoric which the Greens parade around in like a luminous cloak is really a con job.

      And these hypocrites have the gall to do victory laps trumpeting their supposed moral superiority?!

      • alex

        Hang on, are you really suggesting political parties aren’t out to “get the result they want?” Obviously the Greens want votes like any other party, there isn’t anything sanctimonious about that. And yes, I would like to see a weakening of a regime that has passed more laws under urgency in this term than any other government in peacetime. What I would like to see is a democracy.

    • Bunswalla

      I wonder though, why do you want to read half-baked ill-informed tripe? Seems a very odd pastime. I never want to read that stuff, which is why i don’t visit the Stranded.

      • Kimbo

        Hang on, are you really sug­gest­ing polit­i­cal par­ties aren’t out to “get the result they want?”

        No, alex, and I don’t believe you are that obtuse. Nothing wrong with any party doing that. This issue is HOW – which, by the way, is meant to be a point of moral differentiation with the Greens.

        “Ms Campbell’s partner is Green party candidate Max Coyle…she did not disclose her links to the Green party (and pay attention, Alex, because I’ll emphasise it for you) DESPIITE BEING ASKED SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THIS”.

        In the real world we call this LYING

  • Kimbo

    Why, oh why is the air not being rent with the shrieking of Nicky Hager, at this attempt, analogous with “Hollow Men” and “Other People’s War” by an organisation, political, bureaucratic, commercial or otherwise to do what they are all entitled to and should do – use the free press to further their essential and ultimately transparent message and intent?

    Only apparent difference here – no one flat out lied in “Hollow Men” and “Other People’s War”. Instead, they gave an interpretation that was consistent with their interpretation of the overall context, and not contrary to the facts.

  • Toby

    Max Coyle sure is an odd character. Here’s his picture on his google+ profile:

    Reading the ‘green machine’ section of their website leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. For example, they make the following suggestion:

    “Be a scrutineer on 26th November
    It might be the least challenging and, dare we say, boring thing you can do help the Greens. But it might just also win more votes than anything else you do and it gives you a solemn and important role in the democratic process.

    We need scrutineers on election day, ideally around the midday rush. Basically, wear a Green Party rosette, sit or stand, smile a lot, and say nothing. Officially your job is to represent the Greens in making sure the voting is kosher. Unofficially, research shows that 10% of people don’t decide who to vote for till they get to the voting booth. Your Green Party rosette and beaming friendly face might be the last thing voters see before they make their decision on who to vote for.”

    Seems to me that the Greens don’t believe the scrutineers don’t make any useful difference to ‘making sure the voting is kosher’. They just want to influence people’s voting. I think the rules and role of scrutineers need to be seriously rethought if they’re not actually making a useful contribution. Banning party rosettes would be a good start.

  • kevin

    What a green surprise… not. But, they are certainly more labour-like than I imagined.

  • John Q Public

    I was a scrutineer in 2005, wearing a blue rosette in a red electorate. I was looked upon with derision by 2 out of 3 who came in. Many insisted on talking to me, and no doubt thought i was stuck up Tory when I didn’t respond. I too question the rosette wearing, as it can cut both ways, good for your team / bad for your team.

  • Mully

    I didn’t think rosettes were allowed on election day? Obviously, I was wrong.

    How are they not party advertising (which I joyfully look forward to the removal of on election day as the bastards have to move their visual pollution)??

    • Paul Bailey

      Scru­ti­neers are allowed to wear rosettes, but “must not speak to voters or help with the count.” (From the Candidate Handbook 2011 General Election)

    • Paul Bailey

      Scru­ti­neers are allowed to wear rosettes, but “must not speak to voters or help with the count.” From the Candidate Handbook 2011 General Election

  • No recollection

    You want democracy Alex? That’s funny as i thought the Greens supported the undemocratic Electoral Finance Act.

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