Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd


Waikato Times clarificationI have blogged about the Waikato Times being caught out by the sanctimonious and mendacious Green candidate in Hamilton.

The Waikato Times has now published this clarification.

They make it very clear that they asked several times about the connection to the Green Party. Disclosure was not made.

The Waikato Times also makes it clear that though they solicited stories via Twitter it was Ms Campbell who contacted them.

This now appears to be nothing short of a deliberate deception ont he part of Max Coyle, Ms Campbell and vicariously the Green Party.

Now is the time for Meteria Turei and Russel Norman to tell New Zealanders why it is that the Green party that likes to think it is cleaner, greener and better behaved than other political parties feels the need to deceive a mainstream media outlet in order to score political points.

I doubt we will see an apology from the Greens, they are after all shielded from such actions by their sanctimony.


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  • JK

    Pseudo green on the outside, commie red on the insight. And now the watermelons do what most fruits do when they are past their due date. They start to rot…

  • Cadwallader

    Well done WO. The Greens are so holier than thou…pricks!

  • JC

    It used to be called.. “An odor of sanctity.”


  • thor42

    Sanctimonious they may be, but Metiria Turei is definitely rootable……

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