Shielded by Sanctimony

The Green party likes to think they are better than all the rest. They constantly tell us how they care more than others, that they are better behaved than other politicians and that they play fairly.

Yesterday though, I busted one of their list candidates shopping a story to the Waikato Times about a “poor family” and how that family was going to be voting Green this election. Shamefully the Waikato Times published the story without fact checking. More shamefully though was Max Dillon Coyle and his partner not telling the Waikato Times reporter that Max was the Green candidate.

I have now obtained a better quality copy of the article so readers can see how shameful and distasteful the whole sham article is (click to enlarge).

Information on the tipline suggests a full Green board meeting has been called to discuss the damage this article has caused.

I don’t hold much hope in the Greens doing the right thing, they are after all a worldwide marketing and branding exercise shielded in sanctimony.

About the only organisation worse than the Greens are Greenpeace for telling other what to do and think while doing the exact opposite themselves.


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  • Scanner

    Sorry Whale you must be wrong, say this can’t be true, as an organization they are above reproach and would never do something as low as this.
    If this is the case then I must also now start to doubt some of the other claims made by them, I feel my whole life is now in tatters as I planned to vote for them, the Greens being the only party to tell the voters the real truth.
    If it was Labour of course you would have expected them to pull a stroke like this.

  • bop trev

    Max needs to study an ethics paper quickly.
    Shoody, cheap and very unprofessional.

  • Scanner

    Watch mainstream media dive for cover on this one, the only place this ever going to see the light of day is on blogs, which is sad really because it shows that the Greens are not above a little bit of skulduggery, let the end justify the means.
    This from the fine political party that can count amongst it’s members Bradford, Locke, Bunkle, and Delahunty, all fine specimens.
    Rod Donald would be so proud.

  • Roger

    Did a search for the article. looks like it was up on Stuff/Waikato Times website but has now been removed, hmm…

  • chica

    Don’t blame the Greens for Max’s rubbish – he’s known for being a knob. I’d wager they were completely unaware of this – I get the vibe that a lot of them dislike Coyle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d done this without permission.

    • Hagues

      Well then the Green’s are to blame for selecting a known knob as a candidate FFS. They are selecting people who they believe represent their views and their party the best, which this guy is doing very well. If they come out and remove him as a candidate and offer a grovelling apology then they might restore a tiny bit of creditability.

      • chica

        Yeah I’ve got no idea why they’d pick him, I’m fully disappointed. Maybe there was hypnotism involved?
        Hopefully they ditch him quick! At least he’s not on their list.

      • Tracey

        She has a job, it says in the article! And a degree?? You can’t work as soon as you pop it out lol. All of you guys need to read. And get facts and know the whole story before you try to report and retort to any strings you can clutch at!

  • Theo

    I find the lack of ethics disturbing, but what I find even more disturbing is the improper use of English in the article.

    “[…] the amount of children who came to school with no lunches was so sad.”

    should be:

    “[…] the number of children who came to school with no lunches was so sad.”

  • Hagues

    What is also troubling is her attitude that the state (ie other people thorugh their taxes) should pay for their lifestyle choices. Having a baby while your partner (not husband) is a full time student is not exactly the smartest move. Not sure why others should have to fork out to pay her power bills and feed her family.

    • oldlogger

      Got it in one, Hagues.
      To think they might get away with a stunt like that shows how thick they are.
      To expect us as taxpayers to foot the bill for their carelessness in the sack makes me fume.
      Then she goes on to tell us all that they had contemplated cheating the system (by separating ) for an even better deal, and how it would have been better for them if the small business she was working for, paid her paternal leave for a longer time.
      Sense of entitlement or what?
      These twats need a reality check. She needs to take responsibility for her pregnancy, and he needs to get a job to support her. Simple.

    • Gazzaw

      Spot on Hagues. They are just training for a lifetime at the public trough. Let’s hope that her big mouth has scuppered Max’ political aspirations once and for all.

      The leadin sentence had me doubting the articles veracity right from the start. Since when do you put the words ‘expert’ and ‘Waikato University’ in the same sentence? An oxymoron extraordinaire!

  • Daniel

    I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with this. The interviewee isn’t a member of the Green party and neither is the baby. The blog article suggests that the Waikato Times should learn “basic journalism skills”. Maybe if Mr. Whale had taken the time to learn these himself he would be a journalist and not a wannabe media cohort hiding behind his blog, but that is irrelevant. Basic skills are reporting facts as they are. They have done this by reflecting her opinion in a “pulse” (opinion) based piece. What is also of note is that although Dillon-Coyle is a Green list member, Melissa isn’t. What this whale blog implies is that journalists must disclose spouses professions as a designation in basic journalism. “36-year-old waged employee that is married to Albert Rags from the Warehouse Jane Doe” not only seems entirely tedious, but also more than necessary. Although Mr Whale may appear as a public servant in his public announcement all he does is act to destabilize and seek chaos in the media and politics in ways that are of little to no use for public benefit. Maybe he should focus his energy on the system itself rather than on someone who has the universal right to express her opinion in a platform that seeked it. At most this sensationalist piece is diverting attention away from the a part of the facts of life for some New Zealander’s. I suspect Mr. Whale is dating a National list member.

    • oldlogger

      …And I suspect you had a bad acid trip when you were a teenager

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