Show us the source documents

Nicky Hager has produced another book. He says he has heaps of sources, plenty of documents. It is the same smoke and mirrors he used for The Hollow Men.

I don’t have a copy of the book, he has only sent it to left wing blogs and his pals in the MSM. But Fran O’Sullivan raises an interesting point:

It’s obvious to other than the obviously obtuse that Hager is not going to disclose the identity of his confidential sources. They would appear to be well-placed.

But he should now follow in Julian Assange’s footsteps and make his confidential source documents public through an open-source website so journalists and Defence commentators can independently assess them.

Nicky Hager should do exactly that. He can publish his source documents without revealing his source. He should do it promptly.


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  • jabba

    I would like to see Hagar and keith Locke join Chris Carter and visit the country and see for themselves what is going on

    • richard

      Just like Chris, they would have to leave their partner’s behind if they went to Afghanistan.

      • lovinthatchangefeeling

        Just like Chris, they would have to leave their partner’s behind, behind, if they went to Afghanistan.

  • Fran O’Sullivan

    Whale it should not surprise you that Nicky Hager did not send me a copy. Bought mine at Unity bookshop!

  • reid

    A good point Fran and thank you for that. Let’s hope Nicky does that. I’m sure you’ll be following up, if not and personally, I’m hoping Nicky doesn’t front without a fight and I’m quite looking forward to that. I wonder if there’s an ipredict on this?

    On a separate note, I just wish this country would get it through its thick skull that Uncle Sam and its military are not our enemies, they’re not even the great big meanies the pouting left like to portray them as, assisted willingly by most of the MSM, most of the time, which is another thing I wish would stop. Altogether this combo of lefty propaganda on defence and MSM disinterest because it’s not “sexy” has over time created a climate whereby Hagar’s hysteria gets full vent, time after time. For this launch, MSM writers and radio/TV are calling him “Mr Hagar” for example. A small point perhaps but labels are significant, in media and you can always tell it is one when multiple outlets and medium all do it.

    It’s a shame, for where is the critique and where is the analysis that gives the side of: what precisely is wrong with the military engaging with CIA assets in a war zone? Where is the obvious question of: why is gathering intelligence from anyone you can, a bad thing to do, in a war zone? And if you have a base, what precisely is militarily unwise about providing shelter for some CIA assets. I know this is not the issue, which is that govt policy said no, but what I’m saying is the MSM have painted the picture that even if it is eventually found that govt policy wasn’t violated, the impressionable minds out there now have an idea something sinister involving the CIA was happening. Just because most of us who aren’t easily impressioned don’t think that at all, one cannot deny that a few more lefties have just been spawned, by this palpably false and counter-productive spin. Thus the algae bloom which is anti-American sentiment spreads its tentacles a little further into the population.

    I mean, duh. What precisely do the people who think Nicky’s just wonderful, think should happen, if not that, in a war zone? Why doesn’t anyone in the media think to ask and present that side of the picture?

    • thor42


      I think that the MSM could perform a ***much more useful*** service if they actually focused (for a change) on the **real** dangers that the **left-wing** pose to the country. For example, so-called “political correctness”, whereby if your views do not match the “perceived orthodox” ones, they are silenced or shouted-down, or you may even end up hauled before the courts (as Geert Wilders did, for doing nothing more than telling the ugly TRUTH about Islam).

      “Political correctness” eventually leads to a country being undermined, due to those in power being too afraid to confront those in certain “favoured groups”, for fear of “causing offense”. For the best example of this, look at the UK, where the Muslims there can do what they like, and the police turn a blind eye to anything that they do.

      Oh, but perish the thought that the MSM would look at this. Much easier to give publicity to the latest bullshit story by Hager.

  • Elma Fudd

    Well said Reid and Thor42. My question for Mr. Hager esq, is ” and your point is ?”

  • Elma Fudd

    Well said Reid and Thor42. My question for Mr Hager esq. is “and your point is ? “

  • Troy

    Hager and this Ms Fran should get off their chuffs in safe little ‘ole NZ and take their pens and paper to the sharp end… Afghanistan that is. These two have no perception AT ALL about how the military operates. They may read lots and form an opinion but frankly they are way off the mark when it comes to on the ground ops and how things really are (I know – been there done that). I getting fucking irate at these couch commentators (and politicians for that matter) and little do they realise that they endanger our guys over there with some of the way-off commentary they vomit into cyberspace. Like I said – go see for yourselves you knumpties. Geesh.