Sir Peter Leitch – “I’m gutted, mate”

Darien Fenton’s bizarre attack against Sir Peter Leitch has made it to the NZ Herald this morning. Late last night Darien Fenton attempted a pre-emptive apology.

I posted on that three days ago. The Herald is just now catching up with the online outrage against such a shallow and nasty attack against a Kiwi icon.

A short while ago I had a call from Sir Peter Leitch, since I kicked this all off he thought he would have a chat with me. We had a 40 minute conversation through out which I was left with the impression that he is deeply hurt by the comments made by Darien Fenton.

“Mate, am I gutted by her attacks” he said “This week we should all be basking in the joy of the mighty Vodafone Warriors being in the grand final and supporting the All Blacks, and instead she found the time to attack me in a calculated and nasty way”.

I asked Sir Peter about her apology and her offer to catch up for a beer. Sir Peter’s response was rapid and stern, “Mate, I don’t want to speak to her, ever.”

“I have been hurt immensely by her, last night I broke down and cried, I just feel stabbed in the back”. Sir Peter then went on to outline all the things he has been doing recently for Christchurch and the huge effort and toll that has taken on him. ” For her to attack me when I am trying my best for this country, well mate, I’m gutted.”

“The worst part in all this is in trying to attack me she has instead attacked 37 hard working, working class franchisees, she is taking the bread from their mouths” he said. “I sold the business 3 and half years ago and she didn’t even get that right”

“I though Labour was for the working class, after this I just don’t know”.

“But the thing that hurts the most is that I feel stabbed in the back. I gave free product and spent all day cooking at David Lange’s funeral, another working class hero, and this is what I get?”

We then got to talking about the upcoming weekend, he was worried that his card for Jimmy Cowan celebrating his 50th test won’t make it in time, and he needed to ring Graham Henry to wish him luck, the final thing he said before hanging up was “Go the mighty Vodafone Warriors.” He is always on message.

Sir Peter Leitch is a kiwi icon. Darien Fenton’s attack was despicable. He is terribly hurt by the attack. When I asked him some political questions he refused to answer them, he said “Mate, I don’t want to get political, I’ve never been political, I just want what is best for this great little country.”


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  • Anonymous

    Great post Cam.

    Very sad indeed to hear and know that this has had an impact on Sir Peter… A great great NZ’er

    Darien Fenton should be more than ashamed. I commented that she had shown some humility by apologising on Red Blurt. But alas I then see the Herald article and it was nothing more than a calculated POS…

    I expect more from Goff, what a light weight hay seed he is. Am I surprised, not at all…

    Labour, you are disgraceful

  • sthn.Jeff

    Great post Cam.butcher you are a legend. Fenton you are an absolute disgrace. i have just heard butcher on radio live. he is hurt by this. even Willy Jackson has slammed the mad bitch

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  • Guest

    Fantastic post, thank you Cam. Much respect to Sir Peter. I really despise the “us vs them” mentality which only hurts our country.

  • Lesley

    Here is another Proverb: “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing”. Proverbs 12:18

  • Anonymous

    How will Darien react now that Sir Peter took the time to call you, tory scum in her eyes. She must feel that the world as she knows it is falling apart around her. Still there is a big option left for her. She can take a hike and walk off the edge of the Earth.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, I am not much of a league supporter and have found his Mad Butcher adverts irritating, but I admire all the work he has done for New Zealand. It was stupid for him to be criticised for inviting the PM to attend the Match with him. It makes Darien look like the biggest fool.

  • Out There

    So Sir Peter repeatedly puts his hand into his OWN pocket to help persons less well off than himself, even when he was in bad health. I wonder who is really helping out the working class, Labour or Sir Peter. It seems Labour doesn’t want anyone helping the working class unless they are directly involved. National election campaign should be to do nothing and watch Labour destroy themselves.

    • bristol

      The Socialist creed is to tax the bollocks off of people like Sir Peter so as they get to spend the money to hand out sausages to the ‘oppressed & disadvantaged’.
      Peter Leitch is an all round good bloke, successful entrepreneur, and a great example of the true Kiwi spirit. The world need more like him, and significantly less of the Darien Fenton types, purveyors of the politics of envy.

  • corner-shop…not

    The worst thing other than the hurt that this cow caused to this true lover of NZ (which to him is an apolitical emotion) is that Goff has’nt so much as phoned

    Sir Pete to say look sorry this is not what the rest of us think…..nothing nada!! That’s a sign of a leader just not wanting to take responsibility, instead once again pretending it’s nothing and letting his commies do as they please, at least Helen had them doing what she wanted or else!! This guy can’t control anything. Sir Pete loves this country unconditionally. Darrien it seems only loves the left side and it’s hangers on. shame on you Goff for allowing this.

    In the words of Sir Pete “Go the Mighty Vodafone Warriors!!!”

  • Higherstandard

    He is a wonderful bloke whoever he votes for – yet he is still being defamed by the hateful mobs at the standard and not a single moderator of that site has chosen to reprimand the defamers.

  • Horace the Grump

    Fenton is a ‘c u next tuesday’ sort of person… nasty, spiteful and full of bile. I’ve never been a big league fan, or bought much at the Mad Butcher, but I will back Sir Pete 100% any time. go the mighty sausages!! er… Warriors….

  • Great exclusive Cam. This incident, more than any other of the dozens we could mention shows just how far Labour has strayed from its roots.

    Sir Peter is a man of huge mana and influence in the community. Even supposed “safe” Labour seats like those in South Aucklnad cannot be taken for granted any longer. Attacking a giant of a man such as Sir Butch is a huge miscalculation by Labour.

  • Agent BallSack

    I heard the beginnings of a rumbling on TV1 late news last night but turned it on too late to get the story..Once again Whaleoil trumps MSM in spades

  • Notabludger

    Looking at the size of Darien’s gut and bum, her threat to boycott the Mad Butcher network should be taken very seriously.

  • Homepaddock

    That was a very nasty and personal attack against a good man with a big heart. well done on breaking the story and this post which shows the hurt she did.

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  • Jeff

    God bless him… I truly think the Labour people just dont really get it – their empathy, embarrassment and “true blue kiwi” genes appear to be missing

  • Todd

    A nicer you can not meet. He always gives time to anyone regardless of their situation and goes beyond what is needed. A few years back Peter wen out of his way to help my father even though they had only spoken on the phone.
    The fact that Fenton went out of her way to attack him shows the spite that is hidden in labour. The fact it came during grand finals week where the average league supporter is admiring Peter shows how out of touch Fenton is. In the end we just get to further witness why labour is crumbling and hopefully this mess translates into the polls.


  • Cadwallader

    You did well again WO. This creep is nothing more than an oxygen thief whereas Sir Peter is a big man by every measure.
    NB Where’s Goof? Playing darts in Waimate by all accounts…did he make a fast trip through Canterbury when he left as did the She-Beast?

  • Henry

    There is a message to collapse Labours vote so that Darien Fenton doesn’t get back into Parliament

  • Cadwallader

    Further to my earlier comment. Fenton’s vile outburst is reminiscent of that from the union hack who attack Sir Peter Jackson in 2010. Perhaps the Left truly do hate those with knighthoods? (Alongwith all others who exhibit enterprise!)


    Fenton is another looser from the left – FFS Sir Peter has done more NZ than most. no wonder he is gutted. seems to me to simply be a way for a f**king looser to get some headlines for themselves and another limp attack on John Key. The Mad Butcher stores offer great value and quality for money and have been a stalwart of the South Island community. Fenton is a disgrace and all things being equal she will be in the dole queue come election day – either way we pay for the stupid bitch but at least she will be doing what she is good at on the dole – f**k all

  • Anonymous

    I suppose what partly upset him as a good dinkum Kiwi is the realisation that Darien (and her likes) is the best that Labour can do when fielding candidates. Labour should be putting up candidates who can ‘connect’ with ordinary Kiwis (especially marginal voters), but instead they select candidates who show their faces to the leadership, unions and core Labour supporters, and show their arses to everyone else.

  • Anonomous Nutter

    What a bitch.

  • Mully

    It’s almost a pity that the Butch is above this bint – a quick radio ad from him going “vote National to get Fenton down the road” will achieve heaps.

    Onya Butch – you’re clearly a Good Bastard ™. No-one cares what the out of touch pinko bastards think, anyway. Talk about out of touch…

  • Anonymous

    I support Labour, but this shit’s fuckin embarrasing. Poor form, lady.

    • kehua

      Why and yes.

  • DeaneV

    Heat of the moment comments can be hard to retract. Guess if you can’t get em right, don’t say anything. Not great for a political future Damien. Butch, you rock!

  • Anonymous

    Being just a dumb truck driver I’m fair dinkum sick of these labore troughers using their “power” to belittle good people that may not think there way, when will these arses realize where the money comes from to pay for their every whim. Bring on the vote to dump MMP. List MP’s are a waste of oxygen & should be given the arse forthwith. The butch is a true gentleman who hasn’t forgotten where he came from, a pity this WORTHLESS BITTER HAG has lost her memory.

  • Wally Anchor

    Labour might once have been ‘for the working class’ but that time has long, long gone. It is now just a badly perpetrated myth. Labour are for themselves only, and the fact they can’t recognise this just shows the arrogance they have. National, Act, even the Greens have more policies that better the ‘working class’ far more than anything Labour have come up with in any recent times.

  • bigkev

    when i first heard the story i thought what a wank butcher should go round and punch him in the mouth, then bugga me i honestly didnt know that Darien Fenton was a she, well how about that then ya learn something new every day

  • RKBee

    What ever your politcal views.. Mate.. how low can you go.

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