Slap a Pollie

Awesome fun to had at, it was created for the 2010 election, but just as relevant today as it was back then.

Could someone please make a New Zealand version?

So far I have only managed to slap Gillard 591m…put your scores int he comments.




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  • thor42

    If someone makes a New Zealand version – PLEASE can they include Helen Clark and Michael “rich prick” Cullen!
    I have wanted to SLAP those two BASTARDS for ever.

  • Chris

    What about rich-prick Key? Or is he okay?

    I’d like to slap hypocrite c**ts Annette King and Ruth Dyson.

  • lcmortensen

    Seems easier to slap Gliiard further than Abbott.

  • Stuart

    608 meters

  • Chris

    How the hell did Dave Hannah get over 5 million metres?

  • Steve

    One I did see was about kicking Trevor’s arse, Great fun

  • Steve

    636. Well that wasted 10 min, but hell of a lot of fun

  • Ben

    Got 705m. Great time waster

  • Scanner

    With a little perseverance I managed to smack the Ginga twat 688 metres

  • drea

    625mtrs for the soulless daywalker…. i could spend hours slapping Goofball