Stupid Sue

Labour’s education spokesperson Sue Moroney just can’t get it right.

First she tries to slag off National for bullying in schools – oblivious to the fact that the incident which is being commented on actually took place four years ago – when Labour was in power and Chris Carter was education minister.

Then she reveals her friendship with Fairfax journalist John Hartevelt on Twitter – almost ordering him to write a story.

Sue Moroney sucking up to mediaI’m looking forward to reading whatever story Hartevelt comes up with. And I’ll be watching to see which other journos are being encouraged to repeat Labour’s fairy stories.


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  • Agent BallSack

    First thing I did when I read this story yesterday on Stuff was scroll down to the year the offences were commited. 2007. And thought thank God the Opposition can’t use this aginst National. How wrong I was, and how stupid is Sue Moroney?

    Really if youre going to make a political point, should you research your facts first? Obviously not, if you are Labour’s Education Spokesperson.

    A little education might have stopped her looking so damned idiotic.

  • peterwn

    Indications are that serious crimes (ie sexual violation) may have occurred and that means jail time if the pupils concerned were old enough at the time. So the Dom Post article may not be the last word on the subject. Those concerned would be wise to see lawyers NOW. Each will then start singing like a canary to try and mitigate consequences and to hell with the others (typical bully behaviour).

    The Hawkes Bay broomstick incident was very similar. In that case the victim’s mum saw the situation exactly as it was and got the cops straight onto it with dire consequences for the perpetrators. The victim and mum came under heavy criticism from the school community for bringing the police into it, but the school later realised it was the right thing.

    My gut feeling too – schools tended to make the victims of bullying feel ‘responsible’ for it – wonder how many bullying victims got caned ostensibly for fighting, no caps, etc but in reality because the issue came to the staff’s attention much to their annoyance.

  • thor42

    Classic! “Hoist by her own petard”!
    Gawd…. and Labour really EXPECT us to believe that they are competent enough to run the country!
    Yeah, right…..