Sometimes on the net there is synchronicity. My description of this is when something is topical and you ahve posted on it and somewhere else, completely un-related there is a post that offers a view or a slice of a view on that which you posted.

Today ACT and Don Brash have said that New Zealand should consider decriminalising cannabis and then I was reading Andrew Sullivan and he had a post with a video on the art of rolling a joint.


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  • diabolos

    I heard Dr Brash this morning about decriminalising cannabis. Best i’ve ever heard from him ever. It all made sense. Im not a smoker of doobies – but i’ve known people who do. And the demographic is huge … doctors, lawyers, schoolteachers (that explains a lot) – you name it.

    There are a whole range of things like this that should be decriminalised. For a start, going 10 km over a speed limit would be a good start. For another – decriminalising being a youngster with raging hormones and inbuilt “stupid” mechanisms would be good too – young roofer caught on the programme motorway patrol said “i work to pay fines – and i pay fines to go to work…” Theres a huge swathe of good kids out there and they are being loaded up with fines that to me – breeds a dismissiveness that is sort of … “whats another one…” and teaches people to be inured to the evils of indebtedness. Sure they need to obey the law – but cant we do it better than fines? Just a thought.

    I have to tell you (and i may need to be exorcised) – Don made sense with what he said. Inescapable good old common sense.

    Is he buying votes – who gives a rats fat crack. Thats politics – and it makes very good sense.