Tamihere on Mutu

John Tamihere had a good column in the Sunday News on Margaret Mutu and why she doesn’t speak for him.

Mutu’s world view presents a number of problems. First she is a full-time academic at Auckland University, who, regardless of what she says or writes, will always retain her job due to the protocols surrounding academic freedom. The point here is she has no consequences or adverse impacts from the statements she makes. Regretfully thousands of other Maori, who share their world with others, are often forced to either defend or comment on matters which the Mutus of this world foist on them. They are made uncomfortable and placed in a difficult position through no fault of their own.

Second, no one can tell me that my mother, a Pakeha third-generation Kiwi, is a guest in this country. There is an acknowledged rule throughout the Pacific and in Maori. That rule asserts if you can retain occupation of land for three generations or more, you have rights to assert mana whenua. In effect, you become tangata whenua.

To make out that we have special rights above all others into the future, solely on the basis of ethnic supremacy, is wrong from a Maori cultural perspective.

There is no doubt that Maori have different rights because they are Maori.

For example, most land titles in this country trace back to the original Maori land owners. There are tens of thousands of hectares of land in New Zealand today under Maori Land Court title and managed under Maori custom. Not many people understand this. Further, Maori do have different rights on the basis of the Treaty of Waitangi but these different rights do not allow Maori to become reverse racists.

This is exactly what Professor Mutu is and while she is allowed her views, they are unhelpful and definitely do not represent all Maori.


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  • Mr Blobby

    Well said the silly cow should still lose her job, probably only got it to fill some quota.

    JT has stood up to be counted I hope others join him. I don’t know how you can be a reverse racist, you either are or you are not.

    The Labour party made a big mistake by letting JT go. I had him picked as NZ’s first Maori Prime Minister, to his credit he has not run with any of the 2nd rate political parties.

    If I was Don Brash I would be talking to JT seriously.

    One Land One People.

  • Churn

    “That rule asserts if you can retain occu­pa­tion of land for three gen­er­a­tions or more, you have rights to assert mana whenua. In effect, you become tan­gata whenua.”

    Where is this rule in law. Good luck enforcing it. And who actually gives a shit.

    • Phronesis

      I thought it was an interesting point. There obviously had to be some way of determining what tribe owned what after the eating was done with. The treaty of waitangi (maori version) presumably made this assumption. Some maori seem to have conveniently forgotten that they were at war with each other.

  • kevin

    Did anyone see the TV interview with mutu and Sainsbury last week?
    “Sorry to use big words” she said to him (and the viewers) in a patronising way. Plus all the other crap she said that make real NZer’s/Maori cringe.

    • Davy

      Ironically the “big words” backfired on Professor Mutu.
      There is no such word as “phenomenUM” which she said, twice.
      Phenomena is the word I believe the Professor was searching for.

  • Harry

    But she’s not Maori???
    She looks Scottish to me.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    • Zinc

      Why can’t she have it both ways? Ken Mair does. Funny how half the “Maori” activists are more pakeha-looking than half of the pakeha.

  • True Harry, and you can say the same for Tamihere.

    What we have is a whole lot of scammers running around claiming to be Maori, and gaining all kinds of advantages through this, many of them financial, when they are not damn Maori, and they don’t need any advantages or special treatment and they damn well should not be getting it.

  • Steve

    I have always had time for JT’s views. Straight shooter. He is on the wrong team

  • Paul

    Do we have a problem with racism in this country? No. But we will unless Maori get these radicals back in their cages.