Te Reo?

Phil Goff is desperate for some attention. But seriously is this the best he can some up with?

Goff said the fact that Key’s comments were only in English were highlighted by the welcome by International Rugby Board chairman Bernard Lapasset, who greeted the crowd in several languages, including Te Reo.

“I think it was an oversight. It would have been better if he said ‘Kia ora koutou’, it would have been a nice touch. It would have reflected the welcome to New Zealand and that our indigenous culture is important.”

Once again Phil goff has proved how out of touch with ordinary New Zealander he is.

Stuff were running a poll on this issue that shows that we don’t care. Once again Phil Goff get’s it wrong. He couldn’t catch a cold right now.


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  • michaels

    Goff wouldn’t have a clue about anything.
    I think he must see a camera and run towards it and simply let his mouth go.

    Didn’t the opening have a bit to do with our indeginous culture?

  • jem

    Ah Yes, Mr Goff.
    Always concerned about the things that matter….

    A bit like all the lefties on Red Alert trying to say he blundered the speech and it was an embarrassment to the country… Did ANYONE other than Labour supporters notice it? I think not!

  • Arnie

    Golf continues to try to (unsuccessfully) bag the current Govt. over non issue subjects, rather than concentrate of what he would do to improve things if he was in Govt. And puts his foot in his mouth again. It probably means that the current Govt. is doing not too badly in running the country, although not perfect.

  • thor42

    A complete non-issue!
    As for the opening ceremony – sure, 10 out of 10 for spectacle, but zero out of 10 for balance!
    Everyone in the f**king world will be thinking that we all run around in grass skirts now.
    Gawd – Maori consisting of 12% of the population, but they got damn near 95% of the ceremony. Anyone would think that it was the Europeans here who are a minority!
    I’m not saying “don’t have any Maori content”. I’m saying that the balance has gone completely out-of-whack towards Maori-everything. That is ***unacceptable***.