Teachers already planning strikes for next year

Loyal Whale followers will be aware I like to take an interest in our comrades in the teachers’ unions.

A look at the PPTA website has uncovered a real gem. Having lost hands down to the Government this year in their bleatings for yet another above average pay rise, I can reveal they are already planning industrial action for next year – Click on Class Size the Struggle Continues – and go to 3.4 and 3.5.

The class size BS is nothing more than the usual job protection crap from these numpties.

So having been slapped down once before, they reckon that a second-term National government is going to be more sympathetic?

What kind of socialist dream world do these people think they are living in?

Parents hate teachers’ unions. So bring it on.


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  • Mediatart

    First they buggered the economy, brighter future yeah right
    Now they want to bugger the education system

    • Doc

      The education system was buggered by NCEA and the removal of school cert etc. At the same time the liberal pantywaisters of our “Great Education System” did their best to screw a generation with their “no winners, no losers” absolute PC bullshit. Those responsible for all of the above ought to be put against the wall and shot as the treasonous kurrs they are.

  • Petal

    When unionism is used to protect the incompetent and lazy, then I have no problem with identifying those that need remedial work. And those who don’t make the grade can look for a new career where they don’t fuck up kids’ lives.

  • Miss

    I think teachers should go on strike now.
    They need to to show the appathetic public of New Zealand how the National government is screwing education and our children by imposing failed, flawed policies that have come from countries that are behind ours in the international rankings.
    Do you think the All Blacks need tips from Romania in how to play rugby?
    Then why the hell are we importing crap national standards from the US when their education system is failing so badly?
    Do the research and know what you’re blathering on about before you spout off like a right wing git.

  • anrky_al

    Why don’t you get of your FA and work in a classroom for week and then come back say the same shit…

    • frosty

      Fark! From that comment sounds like YOU need to spend some time working in a classroom. As a primary student probably, secondary school might be throwing you in the deep end a bit!

  • Crumble

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the collective agreement does not expire until 2013 and therefore any industrial action at any level before that would be illegal.

    • Not my bubble that needs bursting, it si the PPTA, they are the ones talking about strike action

      • Crumble

        A union talking about industrial action is not ground breaking stuff tho

        PS like the new layout much more user friendly