The arrogance of Labour

This morning I posted an exchange from Darien Fenton’s Facebook wall that showed the spite of Labour, buried in that exhange was this little sideplay.

It is clear that Darien Fenton and labour demand undying allegiance and if you go back on it then you are nothing but a class traitor undeserving of anything except hate.

When a commenter point out that perhaps Labour might like to earn is support back Darien Fenton shows the true arrogance of labour by simply responding “Why?” and follows up by saying she “won’t buy stuff from those who supports Tories”.

I do wonder where she gets her milk, cheese and butter from, or her fresh veges…does she expect that everyone should display an official identification of who they support so she can spend her precious socialist dollars only with the like minded?


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  • Scanner

    Stupid, air headed, childish, tart.
    How the fuck does she keep her job, ironic really, The Mad Bitch having a go at The Mad Butcher.

  • Agent BallSack

    Somehow I dont think its Sir Peter Leitch out on a limb. Must be hard for Labour, all their wine is made from sour grapes it seems.

  • Quintin Hogg

    She will starve then.

  • Cadwallader

    Fenton is not fit to scrub dog-piss off the footpath outside any of Peter’s shops!

  • TimM

    Something tells me that for a 57 year old to be this foolish, she was never a bear of much brain.

  • Jason

    I cant stand this rubbish from Labour abusing one of the great NZers because he dare support the “tories” keep it up whaleoil

  • boptrev

    a man committed to charity and the uplifting of others is now the devil incarnate.
    why,what did he do?
    oh he committed the unpardonable sin in supporting a winner from a solo mumed state house
    shame on him.

  • Paul

    Perhaps Labour should require businesses it doesn’t “like” to display, oh I don’t know, perhaps a yellow star so Labourites know which ones to avoid.

  • todd

    This woman is a bit thick.Says she will not buy anything off a tory.does she ever stay in a hotel,fly ect ect ect.One needs to be quite thick to come out with a statement like that.

    • Richard McGrath

      Todd, hate to be pedantic but ‘ect’ is a form of treatment for depression. I think you meant ‘etc’ as in et cetera.

  • Gazzaw

    Is she too old for these outbursts to be hormonal or is she just a fuckwit?

    • oldlogger

      Have you ever seen Darien? I think the hormones left town a while ago.

  • Jam_Sammie

    I think it’s the latter Gazzaw. Another vacuous old bint to add to the collection.

  • MrInfinity

    Fenton is a talentless brainless hack. She’s only attacking a self-made man like Butch because she can’t do anything else but be a drone in the Labour party, while he’s free to vote for whoever he wants, and do whatever he wants with the money he’s earned.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hmm. Socialist dollars? I would suggest that her salary is paid from taxes levied on capitalist enterprises. I made a comment on the Standard about the risible quality of Labours female MP’s (and was roundly hammered) and this sort of thing just confirms my thinking.

  • frosty

    Really don’t understand how Sir Peter has ‘gone way out on a limb’ by supporting the most popular PM ever? Surely he’d be going way out on a limb if he were to back Goff!
    Doesn’t matter I guess – worst case scenario all 7 Labour supporters might follow her lead, while the rest of us might be convinced to buy a couple more steaks off him than usual this summer!
    It’s about voters’ choice Darien. I choose not to vote for a party that has brainless, talentless, immature hacks on their list. It’s part of your JOB to earn back support you thick bitch.