The Blink Test, Ctd

In my con­tin­u­ing series about The Blink Test we look at the five poten­tial lead­ers for Labour after Phil Goff finally quits.

Today we check David Cunliffe against the Blink Test.

Photo: from The Listener

David Cunliffe is known by the unfortunately nickname, Silent T. There is a reason for this, and when people blink they think of a man who has worked hard to earn this nickname. Smarmy, arrogant and aloof are accusations leveled at Silent T.

Just because he has a Harvard education doesnt mean he can lord it over the peasants. The problem is he believes he can.

So Silent T fails the blink test.


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  • pdm

    David Cunliffe – the man who single handedly turned Hawkes Bay blue for ever.

  • thor42

    Gawd….. he sounds like another version of Michael “rich prick” Cullen.
    Where the f**k do Liarbore get all of these smug, arrogant pricks? Does it come naturally or do they have to practise?

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    As what you would expect from the liberal elite.
    And pretentious as per the IV2 ditty

  • abjv

    I like this blink test. I saw a pic of Parekura and closed my eyes. The image that remained was of Jabba.

    I repeated this experiment with a pic of Annette. All I saw was a moon hopper (a swiss ball with handles).

    Helen? I saw the start of the three-witches scene from Macbeth.

    You might be onto something. But Murray McCully morphed into Mr Magoo rather than a Sith Lord, so the concept still needs some work.