The Blink Test, Ctd

In my con­tin­u­ing series about The Blink Test we look at the five poten­tial lead­ers for Labour after Phil Goff finally quits.

Today we check David Shearer against the Blink Test.

Photo: from The Listener

David Shearer is an impressive speaker, and is completely disconnected with the failed Clark administration. He can talk about new policies without being bashed for not coming up with them when he was in power, and because he is not a long term party hack he isn’t beholden to anyone in the party.

This means he can stand up and speak directly to Chris Trotter’s Waitakere Man. He can disassociate himself from the past.

Shearer is the Labour Party’s best kept secret. He has the common touch and he can appeal to those traditional Labour supporters that like John Key but don’t like his policies. He is the only one of the five contenders who can pass the blink test, and if National had have had half a brain they would have
recruited him to run for them.

Sources inside National say Shearer is the only potential leader National fear, because they can’t smash him using the same tactics they have hammered Goff with, or with the bland, lack of mongrel, porn or arrogant labels they can with his competitors. We will all know Labour are serious about winning in 2014 if they make a clean break from the past and choose Shearer as the next leader.

After all, he alone passes the blink test.


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    You don’t hear much about Shearer in this current Labour Opposition. That shows he has good political instincts as well.

  • Scanner

    I think you may have nailed it on this one Whale, he is one person that stands head and shoulders above most other politicians from all parties.

    The litmus test for all MP’s should be could they find a real job outside parliament, and the sad fact is no, most of them couldn’t.

    Who would employ King, Mallard, Anderton, Clarke, Dalziel, Hodgson, Dunne, Chris Carter, Cosgrove, Auchinvole, Horomia, Harawera, Turia, Cullen, Street, Hughes, Arden(MLP), Mackey Twyford, Chauvel, Beaumont, Chadwick, Fenton, Sepoulini, to name just a few.

    How many of this lot have actually had real jobs, not patsy appointments, and have contributed to the growth of the country?

    Shearer comes across as a good all round sort of a bloke, not a nutjob with an agenda or an incompetent on the hunt for free lunch, unlike the list of troughers named above, and given the right backing he would be a force to be reckoned with.

    This however is unlikely to happen as most political parties have filled their core organizations with like minded self interest groups, so we live with more of the same, a real pity, as the country deserves better.

  • thor42

    Ahh….. Shearer.
    My view of him is simple. It is possible that if he becomes Labour leader, the party will start to do well.
    I have a visceral hatred of the Labour party. Therefore, I do not want **anything** to happen to it which will help it in any way. Therefore, I do not want Shearer to become its leader.
    ( At least I’m honest…… )
    This is purely a result of the party he’s in. If he were a Nat (or even a Green), I’d have no problem with him. But he is Labour, and Labour has always been (and will always be) the enemy for me.
    There is some hope. Maybe he will be found to be fond of becoming intimate with goats or sheep.
    Maybe he will be found to be dodging taxes. Either scenario would leave a nice big black mark on the Labour party, and that’s fine with me.