The great schools revolution, Ctd

Continuing our discussion on the great schools revolution.

Ok now we have discussed the OECD table and rankings let’s look at some detail.

Techonology can make a huge difference and hence the reasoning behind the ultra-fast broadband initiative.

Technology has also made a difference. After a number of false starts, many people now believe that the internet can make a real difference to educating children. Hence the success of institutions like America’s Kahn Academy (see article). Experimentation is also infectious; the more governments try things, the more others examine, and copy, the results.


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  • thor42

    “….. the more others examine and copy the results.”
    Except if you happen to be in New Zealand, where we have the slowest moving, most hidebound and beholden-to-unions education system in the world.
    If a new teaching method were found to be able to turn every child into an Einstein, New Zealand would ignore it just to be bloody-minded.