The kind of MP Labour needs to retire

After her very damaging rant against Sir Peter Leitch, Darien Fenton must surely be on borrowed time. Her apology on Red Alert last night was clearly a pre-emptive apology before she got slaughtered in the Herald this morning. That just makes her apologise seem calculating rather than heart-felt.

Someone needs to alter her wiki page to reflect her ‘mare of the past week.

“Varied career”, most noticable for getting stuck into the Mad Butcher. When the purge comes she needs to be near the top of the list because she is a nasty, unpleasant, unelectable woman, who puts voters off voting for Labour.

Labour will not win back middle New Zealand if they retain members of the failed Clark regime who go out of their way to cost votes by being nasty.

The tragedy for Labour is someone completely unelectable and thoroughly unpleasant like Darien Fenton is number 18 on the list. Useless union hacks who cost Labour votes get ranked higher than effective, likable politicians like Stu Nash, Kelvin Davis and Clare Curran. Labour needs a good purge to clean out the nasty and unpleasant MPs who have not realised New Zealand has moved on from tribal tory hating from early and mid last century.


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  • Anonymous

    She looks more like 70 than 55. Is she a smoker?

    • Anonymous

      It has been reported previously that she was on the Methadone Programme. So, She probably smoked like a chimney.

  • Paddles83

    With a face like that you would need to put her on a choker-chain before you took her out for a walk

  • Lesley

    Hmmm – would be interesting to know what her fellow Union workers thought when she was working there. Also interesting to see that she, like PM John Key, grew up in a State house.

  • coge

    I think she should resign, but that would involve doing the right thing of course. Unfit for Parliament, & as much as I hate to say it, unfit for Labour.

  • Apolonia

    Did you here what happened when a cow crossed a butcher.Cover your ears vegetarians.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hmm, I got banned from the Standard for saying that the female MP’s of Labour were a risible bunch of no hopers (amongst other things). I guess the proof is in the pudding.

  • thor42

    “…she is a nasty, unpleasant, unelectable woman, who puts voters off voting for Labour.”
    That’s exactly why she should stay. Whenever Labour gets into government again, it is people like this who will ensure that their stay is as brief as possible.

  • Agent BallSack

    Looking at her wiki page it seems the List is just a way for excrutiating people with no talent to dupe the taxpayer into paying for losers with no hope of real employment anywhere else.

  • oldlogger

    Complete the caption: If I had a dog with a face like that, I’d…………

  • HSV325

    Total weapons grade nasty minger.

  • Anonymous

    The Greens need to make political capital out of this. They need to argue that the Labour list is made up of nasty, self indulged, unpleasant people and state to left wing voters that their list is made up of electable people. If they want more power, they should be ruthless and attack the Labour party and request voters give them their party vote.


    that head looks like a half sucked aspro, or a twisted sand shoe – cant decide which

  • Mediatart

    Two little words

    Tau Henare

  • Troy

    this bitch gives dried up wrinkled prunes a bad name, but anyhow, it’s these types of labour mp’s that have led to their poor ratings – no control, no discipline union bitches – if labour has any sense they should drop this tart like a brick – unfortunately she will be back in parliament because of her high list rank. Leitch has put more work into NZ than Fenton ever will because she has only ever hung onto union strings, how the fuck labour supporters can hold their heads high supporting the likes of her is simply astounding.