The Next National leader, ctd

At a recent fundraiser no one bid for lunch with Steven Joyce, so the PM had to.

Not a good indication of popular support for Steven.


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  • peterwn

    Agreed succession planning for leadership is vital, but there is a right place and a right time for everything.
    Labour is currently undertaking succession planning very vigourously at present and look at the problems it is causing.
    National would be nuts to be giving any thought to succession planning in the next few months. There should already be a successton plan in place in case John Key is bowled by a bus in Lambton Quay (and unlike certain kamikaze pedestrians in Wellington he is not that daft).

  • kevin

    Where was the auction held?

  • Anonmyous Coward

    Captured by the Sir Humphreys at Land Transport

  • mrgradgrind

    Captured by the Sir Humphreys at Land Transport.

  • Tookinator

    Wouldn’t be much lunch left after Stephen had got to it…

  • CC

    He will be even more unpopular when he continues to force through the give-way rule changes…

  • Chris

    And he doesn’t listen. If you listen to him closely he’s worse than Tolley, and she’s atrocious. Come across badly. And just in case either of them read this and think they can tidy their listening skills up to make people like them, they both talk shit as well, which is much harder for them to fix, in fact impossible, for them, that is. Both need to go, and a few others, too, of course.