The Slightly Correct Political Show

I appeared on the Slightly Correct Political Show with Pat Brittenden and Jeremy Elwood.

Slighty Correct Political Show audio

I was the the “pundit”. Loads of fun doing this. Hope I get to do it again.


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  • Look, I don’t want to be too critical of a couple of guys trying to do something, but that was terribly flat. I tried to listen to both shows, (the first and the second) but there was just no meat. I actually wanted it to be good, but it wasn’t very. Sorry guys, but you need to up the pace a bit. Try listening to Mark Levin for a few ideas on how to make a show really go.

  • orange

    Gilmore said some really good things. The bit about holding the tv presenter down was funny. I was 14 on the conservative scale so you must be a liberal weeny whale. But you know what, I still far more appreciate that view than the completely arbitrary pinkos like farrar. Although your recently stated view on weed use is going that way :(