They say it was because of the weather…

They say it was because of the weather…

But only one person confirmed attendance?

Looks like leadership aspirant David Cunliffe is as popular as cold cat sick. Imagine the embarrassment that your only friend is Greg Presland.



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  • jabba

    well, he was correct when he wrote “hi everyONE”

  • diabolos

    Gods – this social media thing is the biggest wankfest i could ever imagine. I can see why the new testament says “let the measure of every man be christ…” meaning the point to aim for – and in some senses the almost unattainable…

    If you put yourself out there on this stupid electronic billboard you become a victim of its very lack of soul, humanity and presence.

    Cunliffe is actually very popular and well thought of.

    Problem is with social media – people use it as a measuring stick – and my god how innacurate that will be …

    • Troy

      Cunliffe is well thought of? By whom exactly? He’s a smarmy wanker with a silver spoon, not even close to traditional labourites. Try observing his performances in the Debating Chamber – he is popular… with himself.

  • TitanUranus

    L o l.

  • Dion

    Looks like he’s going to be another Goff without the Rogernomics baggage.

    • thor42

      Agreed….. and with not as much charisma…….

  • Monty

    as well as Granty and Clever Trevor who have given up in Wellimgton, looks like all labour supporters have given up in Auckland.

  • Hollyfield

    He probably knows he’d be better off campaigning on his own. A person who uses personal attacks when responding to any differing opinion is not an asset on the campaign trail. Not exactly a great way to win friends and influence potential voters.

  • Chris

    Cunliffe’s an idiot, like almost all current Labour MPs. Again, my prediction for next leader is David Shearer. Only trouble is if it happened now he’d be leading idiots so now is not the right time. He’s the only one left with at least a modicum of integrity. Bide your time, David, we need real choice and you’re likely to be the only who can provide that. Just make sure fools like Dyson, King, Mallard and Goff are gone before you accept the job.

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    Ah that odious prick gwegpwesland again. Moving on from sucking up to Silent T to now being a len-brown-noser. Like a typical leftard he is blaming previous councils and governments (supposedly ‘right wing’) for the transport problems last Friday.

    And therefore absolving Len “I’m the boss, we must make sure the transport is right” Brown from blame.