This will work

Fundies are not the smartest people.

Religious protestors drove through Vanderbilt campus Saturday afternoon, preaching the gospel and condemning students for drunken conduct and sinful behavior.

The following video was posted on YouTube by the group Cheap Missions Trips Sunday evening. After circulating on Facebook among the Vanderbilt community, the video appears to have pulled off the Internet by the group.

InsideVandy managed to download the video before it was deleted and presents it here in its entirety:


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  • Travis

    Too bad……the bird was hot….

  • Steve

    I saw a guy with no shirt on. Is that naughty for people to see?

  • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

    I’d argue that (1) having the kid(s?) there tantamount to having them in an unsafe environment, (2) the amplifed blaring speakers at close range to members of the public constitutes a Health and Safety issue, (3) the sign probably breaches public banner/signs guidelines, and (4) the guy and his family are a bunch of bigoted, bullying, boof-heads.

  • GPT

    How do they explain the water to wine miracle?

    • Gazzaw

      How do they explain the Jesus to Graham Capill miracle?

  • diabolos

    If it was the taleban – then they would have simply driven by the frat houses and sprayed them with AK47 fire – then stoned the women left alive, to death. Christian fundamentalists have nothing compared to Muslim fundamentalists. At least thats one good thing.

    • thor42

      Oh my gawd, it’s **happened**. Something that I thought would never happen.
      I *agree* with you…..

  • He may not have presented it so well, but his message is worth thinking about. Drug dependency among young people all over the western world is at pretty unhealthy levels. If you think this is a good thing, then go ahead, smack the guy down.

  • kevin

    Nutbars that can smell alcohol from 50 meters… lol