Trevor Mallard Re-Ducks

The Labour Party is predictably keen to jump on any passing bandwagon at present.

Nearly a week after the fact, they’ve decided they’ve found a good attack issue in terms of the Rugby World Cup opening night issues in Auckland, and they’re doing what they do – which is talking down New Zealand.

But on Monday afternoon, after spending the whole interview with Paul Henry talking tough and promising to sack people, Phil Goff said we should all refrain from passing judgment ’til after the Auckland Council reported back.  He also condemned the choice of the waterfront as a venue.

This argument got me thinking what Labour might have done.

Well, a quick review of history tells us Labour’s plan was to plonk a national stadium on the waterfront (which was supposedly going to be built at night and save us money???).

This was not uniformly welcomed by the range of Auckland councils at the time.  So in response, Labour threatened to move the tournament to Christchurch.

And then when the councils refused to pay for Trevor’s monument on the waterfront he said Aucklanders had ‘no vision‘.

I just shudder at the thought of what may have happened last Friday, if Mallard had got his way and literally everyone was on the waterfront.  His alternative was of course – Christchurch.

This whole tournament would have been at risk had Mallard followed through on his threats and moved the main events to Christchurch.

Labour have very short memories and they’re desperately hoping the public do too.  The Whale has a longer memory than most.

So here’s Trevor in November 2006 trying to explain why Labour botched its numbers in the RWC bid.  According to Trevor it was someone else’s fault.


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  • He even got the bit about the diggers rolling into Jade Stadium wrong!

    Crikey; imagine if the then-Government HAD indeed moved the base of RWC 2011 to Christchurch; it’d be Australia’s tournament all over again.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Good to see the work on the part of Nats research unit. Dubious use of taxpayers funds.

    But as they often do they sold you a pup.

    What about the fanzones in the Domain, on the North Shore, in the West and the South, using Vector which your master McCully scrapped.

    What happened to the extra trains and buses.

    But Muzza had plenty of time to do other things.

    • Trevor lies as is usual. Apparently I have a new master, Murray McCully…I thought my lord and master was Simon Lusk…or was it Steven Joyce…or was it…oh whatever, your lies are pathetic Trevor. Fuck off.

  • Remember too that Trevor Mallard’s waterfront stadium was never really a serious idea. It was nothing more than a cunning diversion to take the public’s focus away from Labour having rorted the taxpayer to the tune of $850k, and getting hauled across the coals by the Auditor-General.

  • michaels

    Quite elloquent that Trevor Mallard.

    I would like to see a list of politicians, while still an MP, that have actually said the words, “I fucked up”. Or similar, got it wrong etc.

    Would be a very very short list indeed, I beleive one Mr J. Key has. Name any more?

  • Agent BallSack

    Pretty sure the whole thing is a debacle from start to finish.
    As I said to the missus on last Friday night, where are the fanzones in Wellington, Christchurch, all cities? A perfect chance to put up big screen TVs around every major city in NZ, make it free to enter and actually welcome the rugby world cup to NZ?

    Instead we had 1.6million people watching from home, what sort of money would that have brought into each locality if there was a country wide party?

    The ball wasnt just dropped, it was knocked on, penalty against the minister in charge, which according to Hindsight (Channel 7) is none other than Mr. Trevor Mallard.

    • sthnjeff

      Wellington (Waterfront at the Waka shed) and Christchurch (north Hagley Park I think) both had public Fan Zones.

  • Agent BallSack

    As an aside, if everyone of those people who watched it at home went out and spent $20 on parking, transport or food that would have brought 25-30 million dollars into the local economy on one night, IF we had had free family areas to go to watch.

    Instead bars were charging $50 entry per person to watch, hell all credit to them. Its not the private sector letting us down its the public sector and lack of foresight on their part.

    But I guess the people (taxpayers, yes thats right Mr Mallard) who are actually PAYING for the whole kit and caboodle are well down the list of people to please.

    • MrV

      That is fallacious economics. If everyone heads out to spend $20 on parking/food, they have $20 less to spend on any other day on something else.
      Please tell where is the economic benefit here?

      • Agent BallSack

        The benefit is that money is in the community being spent, rather than in your wallet under your ass as you sit on the couch watching TV.

        According to your reckoning, if I dont spend that $20 (make that approximately $80, there are 4 of us) I will spend it on crap later in the week? How about if I spent that $80 and THEN spent a further $20 later?


        As it was, I spent nothing on the night, watched it on free to air TV, so where is the economic benefit in that?

        And going by your logic, where is the economic benefit in holding the RWC in the first place? People will still spend money, hey why go to the theatre, movies, circus or in fact any the fuck where? The money will still get spent right?

  • axeman

    Most men live lives of quite desperation. However not the underpants stealing (TM?) campaign manager of the leftards. Mallard is claiming Paula Bennett is now a liability to the mouth frothing toadies on his bogsite.

    After watching her against Full Moon King today, I say the opposite is the reality

  • sthnjeff

    Agent….. There are actually big Economic Benefits in you staying at home and saving your money. It is also what the Gummit should be doing a lot more of metaphorically “staying at home and having a night in”

  • Arran

    Its always amusing when someone thinks Whale is under the control of Murray McCulley. Is there a National MP Whale dislikes more? Personally I think Murray is fantastic and does a great job; I’m sure Whale disagrees. Trevor, its about time you guys rolled Goff and put someone decent in there. Or don’t, it just makes the election easier for us.