Trouble in the Socialist Republic

Senior Christchurch Councillor and confirmed Socialist Chrissie Williams has decided to leave council mid term. This is not a surprise after her heart scare, but it does highlight how dysfunctional the council in the socialist republic has become.

My tipline sources are saying that the left are going to mount a very solid campaign to take over the council and the mayoralty, and have the funding in place to make a really big impact. They have persuaded Patsy Dalziel to stay off the turps long enough to be elected, and have an all star campaign team headed by former Mayor Garry Moore around Patsy to keep her sober for long enough to win.

With Patsy likely to ascend to the mayoralty there will be a by-election in Christchurch East in late 2013 or early 2014, and the socialist republic will have to increase its drinks budget.

Losing Chrissie Williams, a die hard socialist warrior (it would be going to far to call her a princess) does not help Patsy’s campaign as Chrissie was very strong on the campaign trail and would have helped deliver votes to Patsy.


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  • MrV

    Well who knows what has actually gone on, but when the Mayor says:

    “As far as I can see, councillors have the same access to me and the same rights to access information,” he said. AND
    Some councillors chose to act “as if they were part of a parliamentary process” rather than in the best interests of the city”. AND
    “There are some councillors who have never stuck their head through my door.”

    When you need councillers to pull finger and get things done, we are getting even more political over everything.

  • Mike Readman

    Why on earth does Labour want to take over local government in Christchurch so badly? It’s been like this for years and years. We had a Labour mayor for 9 years (from 1998 to 2007). Why? If they love being in command of local government, what about the rest of NZ? Drives me batty!