Valerie Morse isn't a nice person

Check out the video from a news piece last night on ONE News (at 1:29 in the video) where Valerie Morse is interviewed at her home or office.

This image is screened as she comments on the Urewera raids.

She probably wonders why no one sensible will give her  the time of day.


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  • Quintin Hogg

    Strangely enough, I find that quite offensive. Sums up the person really.

  • sthnjeff

    The same scum who burnt the flag on anzac day

  • Hans

    Truly the Monster of the Ureweras. Can anyone tell me, why we imported this woman? Is it possible the Taniwhas were no longer up to their job?

  • Scanner

    Jeez what a nasty piece of work she is, all this country needs, Rent-a-Mob from the US helping to keep the divisions alive and well.
    Another example of the smoldering turds left under the carpet when the evil witch was ejected in 2008, now watch the claim for compensation appear, money seems to solve everything, perhaps we should bill this lot for the bed and lodgings whilst they were guests of the queen?
    She could certainly spend some of the money on a bra.

  • Ciaron

    Strangely enough, I remember Kurt Cobain sporting the same phrase on one of his guitars…

  • I wonder how she reconciles that with “I want to see a world free of violence and war.”

  • Beanyboy

    I’m glad you caught this too…I saw it and thought why are the media not picking up on it

  • diabolos

    I dont even know who this person is. But it isnt anti cop – or promoting violence against the boys and girls in blue – its comparing Vandalism – with violence against the force? At least thats how i read it?

  • sthnjeff

    Loved the bit following the sign….

    Reporter – So what was going on in the Ureweras?
    Scum – People getting together for training
    Reporter – What kind of training
    Scum – I dont have any idea, but people can get together for all kinds of training.

    It really is a shame the Coppers under Howards watch have manged to botch the evidence gathering on this.

    Great to see Crusher saying there will be no apology to these people.

    Least surprising thing was Pita Sharples saying that compensation should be paid to Tuhoe.

    • Mr Blobby

      I don’t believe the evidence was botched.
      “No longer sufficient evidence”
      “The public interest would no be met by continuation of proceedings”
      Years of legal wrangling and court cases to get evidence disallowed on a technicality when it does get to trial the only thing admissible would be the defendants name and address. How is the public interest met by suppressing all the details? Sounds like a cover up to me wiki leaks (US Embassy) had it right millions of dollars and the maximum penalty will be a fine. A fine that will never be paid and disputed for the next 6 years, right to the highest court in the land. Courtesy of the Tax payer.
      More evidence of what a sad joke our Justice system as become.

    • gazzaw44

      Probably see a lot more of this type of statement from Sharples in the run up to the election. With the Maori Party hovering around the margin of error in the polls he desperately needs to shake off any traces of the Uncle Tom image.

  • diabolos

    A private opinion – if they thought there was a potential terrorist threat before – they should be very careful. They just might get the thing they dread most.

    I think they are owed an apology by the Crown – not the National Govt – it was under a Labour Administration that this farce occurred.

    If an apology isnt offered – then i think that this Government might just reap what it sows.

    Judith Collins may well become famous in years to come – for all the wrong reasons. She just doesnt see it yet.

  • Mickrodge

    Valerie Morse is a maggot of the highest order & deserves nothing but contempt.

    Apologise my arse…I don’t see the police apologising to Darren Hughes either & for good reason.

    Just be grateful for your good fortune Valerie & go scuttle back under the nearest rock.

    • thor42

      Agreed. Just another one of the rent-a-mob crowd, along with Minto, Sue Bradford and the other pinko losers.

  • Mr Blobby

    If you and the general public saw the evidence that was suppressed, you would be shocked. “No longer sufficient evidence”
    An inconvenient truth that the powers to be, want to go away. Justice is not about finding the truth it’s about lawyers showing off to each other.

  • sthnjeff

    This is an excellent piece from Chris Trotter…. Cant beleive I just said that…

    It confirms my understanding of the situation and can be summed up as

    Evidence was gathered using a poor piece of Legislation (Terrorism Act) is not able to be used in the prosecution of Crimes under the Misuse of Fire Arms Act.

    I would love oneday to see details that the defence was so very keen to see surpressed!

  • I’ve lived in the Eastern Bay all my life. About 20 years ago (maybe longer) I heard gossip of Tama Iti & fellow travellers “training” & thought nothing of it. Then when the raids took place it was like oh so they were up to mischief back then. Was about the time they were dropping off eviction notices into farmers mailboxes.