VSM passed

The VSM Bill has just been passed into law, student can now enjoy the freedom enjoyed by all other Kiwis that of not joining something. Congratulations Heather Roy.

Labour are defeated, they decided to die in the ditch over this bill, to filibuster it endlessly until National and Act broke the deadlock.

Tonight they surrendered meekly. This was their big parliamentary strategy, it meant so much to them that they delayed the bill for more than two years along with another bill of no consequence.

While the debate was going on, their leader Phil Goff was focussing on the things that matter to Kiwi voters….playing darts.


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  • Anonymous

    Great news.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic news, a great results. One that should have been made long long ago…..

    Well done Heather

  • Great stuff; but Labour’s strategy had Stealing Underpants written all over it; must have been conceived by Trev the Muss

  • Darts is an ancient and honourable tradition, I’m sure Phil is going to have plenty of time for darts soon enought

    • sthnjeff

      His Garden will be looking fantastic too!

  • thor42

    Good stuff!

  • Anonymous

    So they forgo the opportunity for a host of other members’ bills for a fight they ultimately lost anyway. Way to go Labour, another own goal.

  • anonymous

    Well done Heather Roy and the ACT Party!

  • Syris_rc

    So are you going to support moves to abolish council rates then?

    • What a stupid comment. There is nothing remotely like a council in the Student Associations.

      • Alex

        It was a stupid blogpost full of ideological crap. But I wasn’t going to resort to insults first.

        Seriously Cameron, use that brain I assume you have. You pay for services that you may or may not need.

        • Phronesis

          Good point. Councils spend our money on all sorts of crap that benefits a small minority (just like….student unions!) so lets hold them to account next.

          • Anonymous

            The proper comparison is University fees. Not council rates. The student union is a separate institution from the university.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, the Analogy is in another castle!

  • sbw125

    Towards the end of the debate, all Labour could do was make lies up about the VSM Bill. Re: Lees-Galloway going on about how student associations will have to market their services to high school kids now. Massive WTF.

  • Kungfuboy4

    Fantastic. Thanks to all who made this possible.

    A Student