Waste Watch – Auckland Council Youth Panel

Len Brown continues his profligate spending on un-necessary bureaucracy.

Some enterprising Young Nats sent in a LGOIMA request on the set up costs for the Foundation Youth Advisory Panel.

The documents released show that the Auckland Council spent more than $90,000 on taxi rides, phone topups, petrol reimbursements, flights and food for panel members.

To make matters worse a report by Council staff, which was accidently posted on the Council website last month, recommends to all 21 Local Boards the establishment of ‘youth boards’ which collectively could cost ratepayers upwards of $330,000. The members of these panels would be unelected and unaccountable.

Sounds very much like a repeat of the Maori Statutory Board fiasco creating extra layers of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who do nothing other than add costs into the council structure.

Len Brown really is starting to earn his moniker of being sneaky and furtive.

Then to add insult to injury Labour party list candidate Richard Hills launched a personal attack on one of the panel members on the Facebook page set up to discuss the issues.

Labour and Len Brown are joined at the hip, more concerned with appearances and personal attacks than value for money.


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  • Um the Maori Statutory Board was established by Government decision and they were given votes by a National-Maori party decision. Hear that Cameron, these unelected representatives were given a vote through a decision made by the Government.

    If you are going to criticise the MSB best that you aim your criticisms at the right entity.

    • The statutory Board was set up by legislation but Len in his hurry to curry favour with a fractured council setup 20 committees to give everyone jobs to pad out their “meagre” salaries. In doing so opened up the rort to the MSB. Then of course there is the secret deal about the budget of the MSB, then the flip flop when it became public, then the grandstanding then the caving in anyway.

  • peterwn

    But something is needed to replace Students Associations as a career stepping stone for left wing politicians when VSM comes in.