What are the odds of Len's trains doing this?

I’d say pretty high:

More than a thousand furious rail passengers stormed a station office after they noticed the train they were on had gone 980km in the WRONG direction.

As the packed service pulled into the Indian city of Warangal people on board went berserk as they realised they were five hours away from where they should have been and no staff on board had noticed.

The train departed the southern town of Tirupati heading for the eastern city of Bhubaneswar.

It was when it arrived at an interchange at Vijayawada it went wrong, as it was due to swing north to its eventual destination of Varanasi, one of India’s holiest cities.

India’s signalling system is run on codes but instead of entering the three-letters for its next intended stop Bhubaneswar (BBS) staff put in the code for Bilaspur (BSP) sending the train in completely the wrong direction.

Experts were amazed the service did not crash as it went for 600 miles on the completely wrong track.


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  • lulu

    You have said it before, driverless car technology will take over trains. Well they are here and “in fact, the (driverless) car’s recognition and reaction to its environment is much faster than a human being’s reaction.”



    You will get different vehicle configurations, more people in each vehicle and more vehicles on the road. I.e. the existing network of roads will be much more efficient. Trains are so last century. Like Len really.

  • Naylor

    The worst thing that could happen is that you end up out west Auckland somewhere.

    • michaels

      Or in Wellington.

      • James Stephenson

        Nah, doubt you’d get as far as Huntly before you hit a log train coming the other way.

    • TheBug

      Which, to be fair, is pretty terrifying really!

  • peterwn

    As long as the signalling ‘interlocking’ worked and general working rules were obeyed (eg single track tablet operation) there woukld have been no crash.

    Fortunately it has not happened recently but in the past Wellington signalling staff have sent a Hutt Valley train shooting up to Kapiti and vice versa and drivers did not notice the wrong signals (at the junction the upper signal is green or amber for Kapiti and lower one for Hutt Valley). This would cause no end of trouble as the driver cannot just back the train.

    Anyway I doubt that Len can be blamed if an Auckland train shoots off in the wrong direction.

  • Richard

    The Auckland trains would breakdown long before they could ever get lost.